Daily Archives: November 8, 2013


images2I have so many things to do. Enough that I should be able to find just the right one and get started, but lately I just don’t want to do anything. Well maybe I need to amend that, nothing productive. The bad news is my todo list is getting longer and longer. The good news is that some things have been on there so long they don’t need to be done anymore so I can just delete them. Makes me wonder if maybe they should have been on there in the first place.

So I’m taking some steps to correct this malady.

1. I’m picking up the JUST DO IT mantra. This has worked in the past.

2. Instead of looking at the whole to-do list, I’m picking out things from it each morning and being realistic in not putting to many things on the daily list.

3. I’m thinking about the fun in doing things instead of the chore of doing them. Most of the things I do I like to do, it’s just the getting started thats hard.

4. Dig out some of my old time management material stuff.

And at a suggestion of a friend I’m making a ‘DONE’ list for the month. This is really working because as I delete tasks and projects off my to-do list I forget them and at the end of the day or week I get this “I haven’t gotten a thing accomplished” noise. ‘’

Will I stop procrastinating? NO! From what I read it’s a natural human trait so again I need to stop being unrealistic in my expectations.

Any suggestions? What works for you? Life is short and acting instead of reacting increases the time I have to live it.