Daily Archives: November 22, 2013

International Men’s Day

Today’s my day to blog, but it’s late for what I wanted to do. I promised, back when I blogged about International Women’s Day (here) that I’d play fair and do a blog honoring the guys. November 19th was International Men’s Day. The guy’s day to strut their stuff.

When I went to the International Men’s Day website (here), I was pretty impressed at their objectives, some of which are:

  • To celebrate men’s contributions to society and community
  • To focus on improving men’s health and well-being
  • To improve gender relations and equality
  • To create a safer world

Those are some pretty lofty goals and ones I am totally on board with. So I tip my hat to you guys. And offer my thanks for the roles the men in my life have played.

Enjoy the day!