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The Paradise- a Mini Series Review

paradise_2349465bI’ve been watching a mini-series on Masterpiece on PBS for the last six weeks or so. It’s called The Paradise. It takes place in London in the 1800s and the Paradise itself is a store in the city. The protagonist is a young girl named Denise and she moves to the city to live with her uncle who is a dressmaker. He doesn’t have enough work for her so, she gets a job at the store across the street from his place.

She’s a great success at the work and with her ideas, she helps to make the store a success. Along the way, there’s some drama with jealous workmates and a man who disappears after causing some trouble in the store. There’s a sinister one-armed man who works for the owner, John Moray. Moray’s wife died in mysterious circumstances and he is now seeing a woman who’s father is quite wealthy and is assisting Moray in financial ways to build up the store.

When Moray is torn between two women, the action heats up.

I loved this series. It was a joy to see the sets and costumes. I love these period pieces with the wonderful wardrobes and men in dashing ascots and neckties. The mysteries in this tale are well done and the cattiness of one particular character is so well done that I really wanted that person to get a big comeuppance. There are a few surprises in the mix as well especially in the last installment (as it should be, right?).

I recommend this one. Watch it if you get a chance.