Kit Domino

Hello, my name is Kit Domino. I live in the UK, in the South West close the city of Bristol. I’m married to Dave and have one child by my first marriage and two wonderful grandchildren, Kirsty and Sean. Until being made redundant in February 2011 after 15 years service, I worked as an office manager and company proofreader for a multinational company, prior to which I ran a wordprocessing agency specialising in typesetting reference books.

I now devote my time between concentrating on my writing, having written several novels in various genres as well as editing and proofreading for several authors. In my spare time I love to paint in acrylics, especially landscapes, and when the weather in England allows, I am a keen gardener. When it doesn’t, I love to escape to warmer climes, being in love with the Greek islands where I hope one day to retire. Okay, so what’s wrong in dreaming?

As if this wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I am also heavily involved in the fundraising efforts to help get my great nephew George, who has cerebral palsy, to America for a life changing operation he has been offered to help him walk.

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