Daily Archives: November 27, 2013

Let’s Talk Turkey

Tomorrow, we here in the USA celebrate our Thanksgiving. Because of that, I’m currently very hungry for turkey and all the trimmings. I can hardly wait. I love turkey. And pumpkin pie. With homemade whipping cream. Yum! And now I’m making myself even hungrier. 🙂

To feed my need, I thought I’d ask about how y’all celebrate your respective Thanksgivings, or Thanksgiving-like holidays.  I grew up with large family gatherings at my grandmother’s house. And homemade rolls infused with love that no one could ever get close to imitating.

Then, for years, I cooked big dinners for our family and close friends. The past few years, though, we’ve taken to letting our children cook. Now, most of them live further away, so I think there will be some T-Day travels in our futures. 🙂

I’m used to turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, red Jell-O (again, with homemade whipped cream), green beans, and lots of pie for Thanksgiving. And NO yams. Yuch! I know most people love sweet potatoes, but I’ve never been able to enjoy them. And I try. Every few years I take a bite. Still don’t like ‘em.

So, what’s your favorite celebration table filled with?

And, if I can take just a moment and not get too emotional, I’d just like to thank everyone who reads and supports our community here at Over The Backyard Fence. I think we’ve created something pretty special, a place where we can talk about our lives and get help and advice when needed. And you all are a huge part of that. Thank you so much for hanging out with us.