Laurie Ryan

 Hi. My name is Laurie Ryan and I’m co-owner of this blog, along with Lavada Dee.  When we talked about doing something like this, we wanted a special place where folks could come and relax and forget about their “to-do” list, if only for a little while.

So here we are. It’s funny that we’ve chosen blogging as a venue for relaxation as we are both authors. I write fantasy, contemporary romance and women’s fiction, so I have lots of opportunities to escape from daily life.  Not that I want to. I love where I live, in the Pacific Northwest. I love that, with only a short drive, I can see Mount Rainier larger than life in front of me. I love that I get four seasons, and that none of them are extreme. And most of all, I love the closeness I share with my family.

Nowadays, my household is downsized to my wonderful, he-can-fix-anything husband and our gray tabby cat, Dude. But life is not boring, with 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren to keep up with. No, it’s not boring by any means.

So, if it’s Summer, you’ll find me with my laptop sitting out on deck enjoying the sunshine. If it’s Winter, you’ll find me in my snowshoes (hopefully) taking long walks in the silent snowfall. Even Spring, with its rush of bold color, and Fall, with its inducement to prepare for the impending Winter, have their places in my heart.

Whatever the season, I hope you stop by and visit with us over the backyard fence.