Lavada Dee

biophotoHi, I’m thrilled to be a part of the Over The Backyard Fence community. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we encourage friends and family to drop in. No matter how busy life gets it’s never too busy to visit. Hopefully Over the Backyard Fence can bring long distance friends and family closer and give us all an opportunity to make new friends.

I recently downsized from a seven-acre place to a living easy development with an HMO that takes care of the front of the house and has a small backyard. After years of having big yards I’m finding I have more free time. And I’m playing a lot. Probably more than I should but at least I’m finally experiencing what retirement is all about. And, with a close family, all living near I never have too much time.

As I update this bio OTBF has been around for a few years and I still love having coffee over this cyber fence, especially in the morning before the day officially begins.