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1 Year Anniversary 

It’s been a year since I left Washington State for Arizona.  To say it’s been a busy one is an understatement.  Eons ago when I started school my parents made the decision to stay in the Olympia area and we did.  Of course, … Continue reading


Without the picture you would think this blog was about something for sewing.  Since I first discovered threading (January 2023), I have seen one sign that I’d have sworn I could go in for hemming some pants.  

Karen and I found this way to shape brows by accident.  There was a shop in Walmart and I went in to make a couple of appointments for having our brows waxed.  The young lady said they did Threading instead and always ready to try something new, we thought it would be fun to try.  

Since than I have asked around and found that 

1. Some people have heard of Threading , but never tried it.

2. Some had never heard of Threading.

3. No one I asked had Threading done. 

I googled  ‘Threading’ and thought I would address some of what we found with our experience.  To start with, both Karen and I have switched from waxing to threading so my view will be in the positive. 

1. The speed of the process. I didn’t find it faster but it was marginally slower. And that was our first time so it might be faster for us to maintain. 

2. It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. Both of us hardly felt it. 

3. Lasts as least as long as waxing maybe even longer as they shaped the brows. 

4. Cost. Every place here (Phoenix), charge $10 for Threading and $15 for tinting.  When Karen went home, she had hers done in Lacey Washington for the same price. 

5. Some irritation around the area.  Mine were about the same as waxing both in redness and how long it lasted.  By the time Karen got back to the house I didn’t notice any redness. But mine always is irritated to the point of redness with waxing.

In researching Threading, after we had it done, I found that brow threading has been practiced in multiple cultures for several thousand years.  They think it might have originated in India or Iran. Today it has been adopted by cultures worldwide and is one of the most popular methods of shaping brows.  (This makes me feel like a DUH moment. How am I just now hearing about it?)


Books, Books, and more Books

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We have had one of the weirdest weather patterns this year. I know from the news and friends that it isn’t just here in Arizona. And, getting it in perspective, most of the time I’m loving the weather here at … Continue reading


Super Bowl Arizona

My son’s place is close to where the super bowl was this year. We could see the aerial show from their backyard.   It made it even better with Char and Kennedy (granddaughter and great granddaughter) visiting from Washington state.        Kennedy love … Continue reading


Time for Boating in Peoria

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Here in the valley of Arizona it’s boating time.  When we bought the house in August it was too hot to take the boat out. You rarely saw anyone on the lake. But now even with temperatures at about 10 degree’s … Continue reading


December 2022

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December has been really cold in the Pacific NW. The temperatures are below average in Arizona too but that means mid 60 and 70’s.  We are supposed to get snow here today but so far it’s too cold.  Kris (daughter) and I … Continue reading

November 2022

I went out to take some picture of the tomato’s a few days ago and snapped a picture of the boat. Since we bought the house in August when it was in the 3-digit temperatures, we didn’t take it out. Now it is perfect spring like weather, and we see boats out a lot. 

I’ve been here 5 months now and I am starting to acclimatize. Weather for sure is different from the Pacific NW. And, things you do in ‘seasons’ is a lot different. Winter is the time to get outside. My tomatoes and basil like November. There is even a volunteer tomato plant growing like a weed.  

Maybe I should string Christmas light over them.  🙂 

With Christmas coming, Kris and I are going back north. The grandkids are there so we wouldn’t be happy here without them. Plus, I’ve arranged to have the things in storage moved down here. Kris and I will coordinate the pickup in Washington and Rick/Lin will cover the Arizona end. It will be a busy December for sure. 

Wishing all of you US folks a Happy Thanksgiving this week. Oh, and if you venture OUT for black friday shopping, have a good one. I’ve only done it once and that was enough until this online shopping came into play. 

PS: Just as I started to post this blog Lin sent a picture of Harley’s first professional grooming. OMG I love this puppy



Book Review (The Vixen and The Vet)

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This is another book I found through Bookbub.  I hadn’t read any of Katy Regnery books but she has a very extensive backlist.  And all from 2012. ( If you are looking for a roance with a capital R this one is … Continue reading

Shepherds Pie

With fall looming I thought it was time for a recipe and this is now one of our favorites.

We bought Cosco’s Shepherds Pie and loved it. Their version is made with hamburger and Linda and I decided to try beef stew meat.  We didn’t look up a recipe and I realized as I did a little looking before writing this that there are a lot of recipes on the web. Just Google. 

Our version:  

Make any size you want. We made a 9×13 one. 

* Stew meat – we got stew meat that was cut in small pieces at Safeway. I’d never seen it like this but it cooked faster. 

* mashed potatoes – we used instant and they tasted great. We did mix grated cheese in them 

* can of beef broth

* can of mushroom soup

* pea’s & corn – we used frozen 

* carrots, we used baby carrots

* seasoning – Johnny’s Dock & garlic powder

Brown stew meat with flour (use enough flour so it will make a thick gravy). In a pan or bowl mix broth, soup, and vegetables. Stir in browned meat and season.  Put in a casserole dish (again we used the 9×13 size). Cook in 350° until meat is tender and the stew thick.  

Spread mashed potatoes over top as thick as you want and put back in oven until brown.  


New Home

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We closed on the house today (Friday the 19th). All done and it was really a great experience.  Rick (son) had it 99.99% done before he left on a trip.  He did more than I could imagine, even down to compiling a … Continue reading