Daily Archives: November 13, 2013

Holiday Bazaars

Lk LawrenceI went to my first holiday bazaar this past weekend. For years this one has been an annual event for us. Some of the vendors are familiar but their things are always fresh and new.

I love the ambiance of country bazaars. There never seems to be a hurry and people, strangers, take time to stop and chat. Instead of coming home from a shopping trip tired, I come back from these feeling good, happy and sometimes a little nostalgic.

One year is a particluarly fond memory. Our daughter suggested that all of the Christmas gifts be home made. I quickly amended or expanded that to mean you could purchase hand made items. I’d never have time to make everything. How did my grandmother do it?

We started out early that year and it soon became like a treasure hunt. We found amazing gifts. Ones that meant a lot to the givers and recievers. In fact most of the gifts are still on display in our homes. At least the ones we didn’t eat. ☺

Time consuming, oh yes but so much fun. We made friends and memories that will stay with us a liftime.