Of Anniversaries, Exercising Cats, Hitchcock and Best-Sellers

September 15 was my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. They married at 18 and have been together ever since. They’ve weathered the good, the bad and the ugly and are still together. I’m quite proud of them for sticking it out. We ate lunch at a burger and ice-cream place kind of like the malt shops of the days when they dated. It was fun and we had a lovely time.

My crazy cat has taken a liking to the stationery bicycle in our house. He’s still causing us to giggle and bringing us great joy. I’m so happy we rescued this little dude although as I think about it, maybe he actually rescued us from a dull, pet-less existence.

Turner Classic Movies has been playing Hitchcock movies this month every Sunday. They’re calling it Sundays with Hitch. I love it. I’ve long been a fan of his films and I absolutely adore that he has a cameo of himself in every film. It’s a fun game to spot him in the crowd or walking down the street. If you ever get a chance to see the play, “The 39 Steps” do it. It’s a comedy and all through it, they make puns and plays on words that are titles to his films. It’s hilarious.

My short story that I talked about last time, Enchanted Edinburgh, has hit #2 on my publisher’s best seller list in one day. Made my day for sure.

14 responses to “Of Anniversaries, Exercising Cats, Hitchcock and Best-Sellers

  1. First, happy anniversary to your folks. 55 years is a rarity these days, so my hat is off to them. Second, Hobbes, get off that bike. You don’t NEED to exercise! (unlike our 17 pound Dude). But man, have you grown up, little kitten! Oh, and lastly, hubby and I share something in common with your folks (almost). Today is our anniversary–24 years. 🙂

  2. Wow Hobbes is growing up and looks so proud of it. Love the pictures.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents mine married early and never looked back either. Makes for a happy childhood.

    And, mega congrats on the success of Enchanted Edinburgh.

    • Amen for the long term marriages making for good childhoods for the kiddos!

      Hobbes is “bigging up” as my son used to say when he was little. Every time we’d go up a size on clothes, he’d say, “I’m bigging up”

      Thanks on the congrats. I love that little story

  3. Precious Kitty! Congratulations on your rapid rise to the top of your publisher’s best seller list!


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  4. Thanks Janette- it made my happy for sure. AND I love that kitty. He brings us such joy.

  5. Love anniversaries. Love that you share your crazy kitty boy. And my favorite cameo of Hitchcock was in Lifeboat. He had to be creative. Great post.

  6. Hobbes is so adorable, Jillian, I just want to give him a big cuddle 🙂 And many congratulations on your bestseller status. You must be thrilled.

    A belated Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  7. Congratulations on your best-seller, it’s great to hear when one of us achieves some accolade and am thrilled for you. And congratulations to your your parents. 55 years – wow! Hobbes one cute fit dude – lovely that he brings so much pleasure. 🙂

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