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LEJOG – Peter’s 70th Birthday Challenge Part 2

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We have been home for a month now and life is settling back into normal routine.  The Big Trip has taken a back seat but also feels surreal.  For a few nights afterwards I was still driving north in my … Continue reading

Of Anniversaries, Exercising Cats, Hitchcock and Best-Sellers

September 15 was my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. They married at 18 and have been together ever since. They’ve weathered the good, the bad and the ugly and are still together. I’m quite proud of them for sticking it out. We ate lunch at a burger and ice-cream place kind of like the malt shops of the days when they dated. It was fun and we had a lovely time.

My crazy cat has taken a liking to the stationery bicycle in our house. He’s still causing us to giggle and bringing us great joy. I’m so happy we rescued this little dude although as I think about it, maybe he actually rescued us from a dull, pet-less existence.

Turner Classic Movies has been playing Hitchcock movies this month every Sunday. They’re calling it Sundays with Hitch. I love it. I’ve long been a fan of his films and I absolutely adore that he has a cameo of himself in every film. It’s a fun game to spot him in the crowd or walking down the street. If you ever get a chance to see the play, “The 39 Steps” do it. It’s a comedy and all through it, they make puns and plays on words that are titles to his films. It’s hilarious.

My short story that I talked about last time, Enchanted Edinburgh, has hit #2 on my publisher’s best seller list in one day. Made my day for sure.

New Cover and Exciting Credit

I have a new story coming out from Sweet Cravings Publishing and when I sent in the cover questionnaire, I let the artist, Dawne Dominique (who is fantastic to work with and really can interpret a questionnaire to nail the cover) know that I had some pictures of Edinburgh that might work for the cover. When she was ready to work on it, I sent her about twelve to choose from. She did a fantastic job and I adore the cover since it absolutely captures the essence and magic of the story (and the setting). I’m also super excited that I will be credited for the background pictures used on the cover. My first photography credit! How cool is that?

I’m going to share a few of the pictures I sent her as well as the final cover. Isn’t it awesome? Have a wonderful week. I’m hoping for one where everyone I know survives.

IMG_0418 (2)

IMG_0424 (2)

IMG_0426 (2)

london and scotland 2012 070 (2)

EnchantedEdninburgh_MED (2)

To Water

Well, we’ve just got done with Robbie Burns Day, a celebration of the famous Scottish poet’s birthday. While some of you readers are recovering from excessive haggis intake, I’d like to remind you of two of the many poems he wrote: To a Mouse and To a Louse.

Robbie Burns’ poems begin very down to earth and then leap up into the heights of reflection. Since a poet of his stature found it seemly to write lofty poems about humble topics, I thought I would try writing a poem as well. Mine is free verse and nothing rhymes and no one can stop me now.

In deciding what topic or thing or element to honor with a poem, I looked around to see what was common to all our lives, what I (and maybe most of us) overlook, and yet, if I (we) reflected on it for a moment, would say: ‘Oh, what a good thing for all the world that this excellent thing exists. Now I appreciate it more than ever.’ Which I’ll bet Robbie’s 18th Century audience never said about the mouse or the louse. Anyway, here it is:

To Water

Ah, what clear and cool liquid you are as you pour from the tap

Millions of beings on our beautiful planet long to hold out their hands to you, scoop you up, nestle you in the palms of their cupped hands and kiss you

You who are sacred

You who are everywhere—so everywhere that people forget who you are and think you will always be there, fresh and clean and pure

How beautiful you are to swim through, your touch gentle on my skin as you let me pass by

O Water… thank you for your healing presence and your clear and simple essence

Without you, we would be nothing.

* * * * * *

Note: if you would like to join me in supporting successful efforts for more people to have access to clean water, take a look at Matt Damon’s interview on water (CNBC) in October 2012. He is a co-founder of Water.org

Theresa Scott is a writer who lives in the Pacific Northwest where a lot of water pours from the sky. You can read more of her writing at http://www.theresascott.com

A Room With a View

As you know, I visited my son and future daughter-in-law in London recently- they actually live near Greenwich at Deptford Bridge but close enough, right? While I was there, we took a four day side trip to Edinburgh and I fell absolutely, positively in love with it. It’s gorgeous and the people are so wonderfully friendly. I adored, adored it.

We arrived by train and hoofed it out of the station toward Old Town. We climbed a steep hill and as we turned the corner, I told the fiancee that I wasn’t sure about the cobbled streets and the hills and my klutzy self-(I’m prone to breaking and spraining things). I also said I wasn’t sure about the distance between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle because it looked like a long hike. She laughed and said, “Remember, it’s the Royal Mile so it’s not too long.” Point taken. LOL!

We turned the next corner and I gasped and said, “Now I know why J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. How could she live in this place and not be inspired?” I pointed to a turret on a building and added, “Can’t you just imagine a wizard living there?” Then I pointed to another building. “Or a witch there? Or a goblin down there?” It truly, truly is a magical place and I’ve already written an 8500 word short story based there.

When we checked into the hotel, we got the top floor and imagine my delight when I opened the curtains to that very turreted place I imagined the wizard in directly across from me. I also could turn a smidge and see Arthur’s Seat, the traditional home of Camelot and the place where my son proposed to his fiancee in September 2011. What a view. Here’s some pictures to share that cool room with a view and if you ever get to Scotland, I guarantee you’ll love it.

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Saying Hello From the Other Side (Of the Pond, That is)

This week, I’m visiting my son and future daughter-in-law in London; actually, Deptford near Greenwich. We are also taking a side-trip to Edinburgh for a few days. I’m writing this before I go so I won’t screw up and miss my day, so I’m presuming (since I never ass-u-me) I’m having fun and I’m hoping I’m having some wonderful cider. We don’t have these yummy drinks here where I am so I try to get what I can when I’m over visiting. I mean, we have a few, but not really any choice (one place here has 3 varieties) and I have to make a long trek out of my way to get some.

These two photos are some brands I like. My son brought a bottle or two home for me when he came last. He’s good to his mom.

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