imageFor me September is the only month with a consistent scent. I don’t know if it’s the fruit that is ready for harvest or the change the weather takes but it truly heralds in fall with its fragrance.

I have had the house almost a year. We took possession in Oct. even though I didn’t get fully moved in until January. So I have seen the garden at this time of year. Last year the little apple tree had apples but nothing like this year and this is after I thinned some of them out. It almost makes you feel sorry for the little thing. The picture doesn’t do it justice and it looks like it’s almost groaning. Kris was over and picked quite a few so at least it’s getting some relief now.

I have really loved watching the garden over the months. I’ve posted pictures of some of the flowers and hope to do more out there this coming year. I have four raised beds and I’m not much for vegetables so I’m toying with leaving the one for a tomato and cucumber plant and doing the rest in spring bulbs.

September is one of my favorite months. I loved school so that didn’t deter me. It isn’t a slow month as yards, and gardens need tending and getting ready for winter. So I’m not sure why I like it so much but I do. For me it means;
• Cool mornings and nights
• Ball games with excited fans
• Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes
• Shorter days – but not to short yet
• Fair – oh yeah. I knew Jack from school but we started dating at the State Fair (another story).

Again, these are my first thoughts when I think ‘September’. What about you, what does September bring to mind?


14 responses to “September

  1. September is a transition month for me. I find myself ready for the changing weather, and I get this weird “gatherer” thing going. I feel a strong need to fill the freezer with food and make sure the cupboards are all stocked. I also give the blankets a good washing and hang them on the line to dry. So I think my psyche considers September preparation month for the winter. 🙂

  2. Canning😁😁😁And wondering if it’s worth it. Jim loves to can–he is really weird!! I know though I’ll love it in the winter but please tell me what I am going to so with 20 jars of dill pickles. Our apple crop is good this year also and they seem to be ripening sooner than usual. Have a fun fall .

    • You too Nancy, I’m betting August and September means fairs to you as well as canning. We used to have large gardens and can but with working it just go to be too much. Once I quit it I never did go back to doing it.

  3. The END of SUMMER is what September brings to my mind. 😦 I’m a heat lover here. 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    September means better sleeping weather, to me! Warm days and cool evenings! I enjoy fall and all the inspiration for creativity that it brings with it. 😛

  5. September has its ups and downs for me. Mostly it’s snuggle month, when I get the heavier duvet back out of the cupboard and start to think about bedding down for chillier evenings. It’s also time to plant bulbs for spring. On the downside it’s spider month, when the little devils come scurrying into the house. Ugh!

    • I hear you on the spiders. My brother-in-law takes serious exception to them. I’ve never planted bulbs for spring before but I’m thinking of doing it this year. I think in the raised beds.

  6. love those apples – reminds me of the eight or so that my grandparents had running across the back lot line of their property. Good times. September here where I am in one of the hottest months of the year for us. It’s still hot, hot, hot. Once in a while, we get a little hint of cooler weather at dawn.

  7. Gosh, where has the year gone, seems like only a few months ago when you moved! September to me means time to start putting the garden to bed and planting bulbs for spring and planting up winter containers for some winter colour in the garden. It also means that summer is over and that makes me very sad – I’m a heat lover and dislike wearing layers of clothes, wishing I could go into hibernation until spring. On the other hand, for the artist in me, it’s a time of glorious fall colours, thinking what to do with the glut of tomatoes. Let us hope winter will be kind and short this year!

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