DSC_00541237760_502998559794081_1962520992_n[1]Welcome autumn!!! Actually it looks a lot like autumn in Oregon right now. Personally I am glad we are over some of the really hot weather, us Oregonians have to have that rain!!!

We had a wonderful time at the Oregon State Fair. I got to go with just my 16 year old grandson. Not often that it’s just the two of us. We walked a lot—like at least six miles a day. This old grandma kept up pretty good even though he has really long legs.
He actually had a very good State Fair winning a Champion with his Recipe Book and a Reserve Champion with his Scrapbooking page and blues on the rest of his photography. Now that sounds a little odd, but he is the one of my grandkids that can really cook and the scrapbook page was for photography. He also showed his rabbits at State Fair for the first time and did well. Of course, there are things we need to work on but we have a whole year and plan on going again next year!! I’m excited. In the evening we would go back to the trailer and play Scrabble and Cribbage. He killed me in Scrabble but I’m a pretty good Cribbage player and he was just learning. He’ll get even!! Oh, the other thing he did was cook for me. We had some pretty good food. He isn’t much on junk food so no “fair food” except, of course, milkshakes. Even lectured me on Diet Coke!

We are now in the middle of Fall Softball and Soccer so lots of ball games every week. Soccer is never cancelled so we may have to sit through some rainy soccer games. Softball on the other hand will be cancelled if it rains hard—so far so good, got every game in. We have a great kids’ softball organization and they have an amazing Snack Shack!! It’s a lot of fun and there is really not much I enjoy more than setting at softball games on a warm autumn day. Then we always have football on Friday nights, just can’t seem to get away from those high school games.

This has been an interesting summer. We have “dog sat” every dog in our family. Daisy and Missy are getting just a little tired and are always glad when they go home. Sometimes they will hide behind Jim’s chair just to get away from the commotion (like they never wrestle around). Missy is turning into quite the little watch dog and will always let us know when she hears a strange noise. Daisy would sleep through almost anything—just don’t try to wake her!

Hope you are all enjoying autumn as much as I am and getting to take in some of the fall festivals. Oh those two pictures are just a couple of the reason I love Soccer and Softball!!

5 responses to “SEPTEMBER

  1. With the Autumn equinox on Sunday, this is the perfect blog to put us in the mood. I’ll admit it. I’m with you. I think Jillian is, too. I love the changing seasons and the move to cool that happens this time of year. The colors are phenomenal as Mother Earth settles herself down to sleep.
    Hubby and I were at the Washington State Fair and as we walked through the barns housing the 4H projects, I thought, “this is what Nancy loves.” 🙂

  2. We are on the road and yesterday caught a lot of rain but knowing we were driving out of it helps. Autumn is a beautiful time to drive and the colors are showing over the passes.
    These picitures are of some very happy faces. And yes, I can see why you love soccer and softball.

  3. Love that your grandson lectured you on the evils of Diet Coke, Nancy! Brilliant!

    Being a summer baby, I’m not a great autumn fan, but do love the colours of nature about now.

    Great photos 🙂

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time, Nancy. I love the photos and the no junk food grandson is too cool for words. His desire to be healthy is admirable. It’s still super hot where I am but fall will arrive. I have faith!!

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a fun time and great to hear of a grandson cooking for his gran and that he’s anti the junk food. He’s going to go a long way in life! Love autumn colours but much prefer the warm sunny days of summer, am finding the weather change here hard to take already. Oh well, soon be Christmas – the seasonal fayre is already in the supermarkets here!

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