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September Miscellany

Jillian here. Sorry I’m a tad late but work has been crazy lately. I don’t have a particular theme to talk about this month. I’m just going to share some random stuff.

Have you ever heard of worm webs? They are wicked looking, for sure. My parents’ neighbor’s pecan tree developed them this year. They don’t hurt the tree but they sure look like they do. It’s basically a colony of caterpillars who feed on the leaves. It can affect the fruit of the tree so my dad plans to cut the ones on his neighbor’s tree.

The cat I rescued from the restaurant in October 2019 is still doing well. She’s so much in love with my husband that she follows him around at the office all day. Whenever he takes a client in to his office, she sits outside the door, depressed, until he comes out.

I recently finished reading a book called Highfire by Eoin Colfer. I enjoyed it as it was super quirky. There was a lot of bad language and some brutal parts, but it was mostly a fun read with an irreverent dragon who loves vodka and Flashdance. All credit to the author for such a brilliant premise.

The best news for the month is a case that has been the bane of my existence finally ended in a surprise settlement. I’d been winning every step of the way, but the other side was ridiculously litigious so I was stunned when they threw in the towel. Grateful, but stunned. Then it took days to pin them down to the written document and I thought it might be a tactic as they’d lied about settling in the past, but we did achieve signatures and it was happy dance time. My client is the perfect client- she always listened to me and always paid her bill. I’ll miss that too, but praise the Lord, it’s over.

Here’s hoping everyone’s September is wonderful. It’s supposed to be 63 degrees Fahrenheit with 67% humidity (usually 90%) here tonight, so I’m pretty excited about that since August and September are two of the hottest months in our area. Happy taste of fall.

Shh, Don’t Tell Jillian

Hobbes the cat here. I’ve taken over Jillian’s post since she’s been a lazy bum. She started mentioning last week that she had her Backyard day coming up but then she left me with the men in the house and ran off to some stupid book signing in Atlanta, Georgia. She had the nerve to be gone for two nights, too. Doesn’t she know those guys aren’t swayed by my sad eyed stare that means, “I need a snack and I need it now”? See photo for the look. Who can resist that? Yeah, I know. Those guys who live here.

Anyway, Jillian finally dragged her carcass back home late on Sunday and mentioned this post again but still sat around working on something she calls a WIP. Hmmm. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

She talked yet again about doing the post and setting it to go off on time on Monday night but that night, she read some book about that Tudor King who liked to marry and kill women. What kind of nut was he? She said it was for research. Research, smesearch. Not a fun topic for sure. It would’ve been better to read about a mouser. You know, adventures in hunting mice or something like that.

Last night, she fell asleep on the couch and I had to bat her face and jump on her spleen to get her to go to bed. Sheesh. She was taking my spot. What’s wrong with her?

I finally decided the woman was not going to get this post done so I did it for her. Won’t she be shocked when she finally gets over here to find that she’s not even needed? Henry Tudor can have her. See how she likes that axe on her neck, right? Wait, no, we can’t let that happen. What would happen to my snacks? Must. Look. Out. For. Stomach.

Be very, very quiet. Let’s see how long it takes Jillian to check in.

Happy April!


Cali- The Office Kitty

I’m not sure if I told you all about the cat who came to work – We had this precious little kitty show up over a year ago and make herself at home here. We’re quite sure she has a real family because she’s always warm, dry and clean and has clearly been fixed as there have been no kittens. I think they work all day and aren’t home when we’re at the office. She comes in and usually hangs out in my office in one of the client chairs. We’ve had to physically move her when the paying folks want to come in.

When she first came around, the legal secretary and I named her Cali for Calico and the paralegal said, “Don’t name it. If you name it, you own it.” Now, she is one of the cat’s biggest fans- she even pulled a blanket and pillow out of her car and put it in a sheltered place when it was cold last weekend in case the cat got stuck outside.

Cali has brought us joy and even the clients know her name. I’ll never forget the day my one client asked, “Can I let Cali in, she’s outside the door?”

Did you know that almost all calico cats are female? They are. Isn’t that cool?

I have pics of her here. She’s in my basket where I toss cases to go to the storage shed, on one of my client chairs and under a tree. If you can’t tell, my office is in a mixed-use area. Light commercial (offices) and residential. Makes for fun neighbors!

2013-10-21 12.08.17

2013-12-03 13.34.53

2013-11-12 08.43.48

Happy October!!!

Thanks be to God that September is over. I had a big ole case that has been driving my life for months and the trial was on the 26th. Life is now back to normal (well, almost– since I’m still playing catch up). This is my absolute favorite month of the year. Cooler nights and black cats, pumpkins, lattes with spices, witch hats and striped socks along with rust-colored leaves and bonfires make me a happy girl. I absolutely adore fall. When I lived in Virginia, we used to ride up Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge mountains and get fresh apple cider. Man, oh, man that was some good stuff. I miss that the most. It’s just not the same here.

Here is one of my favorite pictures here in my hometown. I know y’all have seen it before but it makes me laugh every time I get a gander at it.

I also got myself a new toy the other day. I love her. She’s a happy, fall-loving gal just like me. Check out her shoes- she’s even a shoe-hound like me!

Of Anniversaries, Exercising Cats, Hitchcock and Best-Sellers

September 15 was my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. They married at 18 and have been together ever since. They’ve weathered the good, the bad and the ugly and are still together. I’m quite proud of them for sticking it out. We ate lunch at a burger and ice-cream place kind of like the malt shops of the days when they dated. It was fun and we had a lovely time.

My crazy cat has taken a liking to the stationery bicycle in our house. He’s still causing us to giggle and bringing us great joy. I’m so happy we rescued this little dude although as I think about it, maybe he actually rescued us from a dull, pet-less existence.

Turner Classic Movies has been playing Hitchcock movies this month every Sunday. They’re calling it Sundays with Hitch. I love it. I’ve long been a fan of his films and I absolutely adore that he has a cameo of himself in every film. It’s a fun game to spot him in the crowd or walking down the street. If you ever get a chance to see the play, “The 39 Steps” do it. It’s a comedy and all through it, they make puns and plays on words that are titles to his films. It’s hilarious.

My short story that I talked about last time, Enchanted Edinburgh, has hit #2 on my publisher’s best seller list in one day. Made my day for sure.