March is Here!

Jillian here. Sorry I missed last month. Things were getting me down and I lost all my oomph and get up and go. I’m better now and hopeful again for better things ahead.

I just got back from a socially distanced conference which was nice as I got to see people I haven’t seen in a year and got in some good, masked visits. The advantage to this conference over the old days was it was limited to 400 people instead of the usual around 1,000. AND instead of tables of 8-10 at the meals, there were only tables of 4 so there was all kinds of room to spread out. There is usually quite the squeeze in happening.

My friend is the conference chair and for the second time, she upgraded my room to a suite which was sweet! I paid the same price as if it was a regular room. Last year, my suite even had a dining table for 8. This year, I “Only” got a sectional sofa- but I did get a full foyer. 🙂 I felt pretty spoiled.

AND the piece de resistance? I got to see my son and his family before I headed home as well as have dinner with them the night before the conference started. So, a good four days then. Here are some pictures of my Sweet Baboo. The frog was his Valentine’s Day gift from me. He’s a happy, sassy little dude and makes me laugh with his awesome personality.

9 responses to “March is Here!

  1. Oh my gosh. He’s sooooo adorable. (The baby, not the frog, though the frog is pretty cute, too.) Lol. I love the picture of him laying there with his legs crossed. Very adult. 🙂 I’m glad you got to go to the conference. As for funks, they’ve hit us all like rocks this past year. But spring is in the air!

    • Thanks,  He is so cute. AND his crossed legs are so funny. He was like that for about 15 mins and would periodically tap his toe.  Made me laugh!  He’s so full of personality. 

  2. Ah, being a grandmother is the BEST. This little guy looks like a lot fun. Glad you back to feeling good.

  3. I’m glad you got some family time in there with a good conference. Little Munchkin is growing so fast

  4. So cute! Love the frog!

  5. Fabulous photos. He’s adorable. I love the snap of him peeking out, his face full of joy. Pictures only a grandparent can fully understand and appreciate. Thanks for sharing, Jillian.

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