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Late Again- But I WAS Thinking of the Blog

Yesterday was my day. On Tuesday, I made myself a note to do my post. On Wednesday, the 9th, I told my paralegal I didn’t know what to talk about. She had no clue either. I went to court, still thinking…. nada.

Around 4:30, I got a text from my niece and I mentioned something to my paralegal about her. Paralegal Extraordinaire said I could use that as my blog post. BUT I had already turned off my computer. I said I’d do it when I got home….well… I couldn’t  log on at home as I forgot my password (It’s saved on the computer I left at work)- So, here I am today, a day late and a brain cell short, putting out my post.  🙂

My husband has a number of nieces, but I’ve always been particularly close to one of them- she was 15 and I was 21 when I married her uncle and we’ve sort of had a sister relationship. She has two daughters. One is married and has five children. The other one got engaged at Christmas.

I am super excited that my great-niece has invited me to go with her, her mom and sister (and her two daughters) to shop for her wedding gown. I didn’t get to do that with my daughter-in-law so this is my chance to have that fun excursion. There’s a show here in the US (for UK readers who don’t know) called “Say Yes to the Dress” – the main show is in NYC, but they have an Atlanta, Georgia set show as well. My niece has her appointment at that salon on her birthday in February. I am super excited to be part of her journey and so happy for them both. He’s a lovely man and so good to her. He’s going to fit right in with our clan.

kes and Anthony


We Had a Wedding

My son got married on the 13th and it was a lovely day for it. They got married on a roof top in St. Augustine, Florida. The bride and groom are crazy about each other and it was marvelous to see the joy reflected in their faces. My son’s groomsmen were two of his best friends from high school (one of whom lived with him in college one year as well and one who worked for me before he went to law school and who just passed the bar exam) and a friend from architecture school (who actually grew up about 6 miles from us and they went to the same middle school but didn’t know each other until they met 600 miles away in college). My younger son rounded out the four groomsmen. I love them all- they are wonderful young men!

My two sons are seven years apart in age but they walk, talk and look the same. One is shorter and skinnier but people do confuse them. One of my husband’s sisters even congratulated the younger one on his marriage (He’s 19) and he said, “Thanks but you probably want to tell the groom, not me.”

It was a fun day. All the groomsmen as well as the father of the groom and the grandfather of the groom wore matching argyle socks and we took some really fun pictures of those. My daughter in law is Jewish and they did the hora (circle/chair dance). My son said they almost dropped him out of his chair. Lord, all that dental work! LOL!

Anyway, here’s a few shots of the day.

New Family Member

As you all know, we lost our 13 year old cat, Dixie, in November. I decided in mid December that I needed a furry companion as I was sure missing my girl. Once I said the words, I had all kinds of friends trying to get me to take cats/kittens off their hands. I went and visited a couple but none of them seemed to be interested in me at all. I’ve had the cat that didn’t bond with me twice and it’s not what I wanted to happen. I’m a firm believer that your pet picks you.

On the day before my birthday, my kids took me to the animal shelter to see what they had kitten-wise. There was one who I swear would’ve been the kid in class who knew the answer and would be bouncing up and down in his chair yelling “Pick me, pick me.”

This kitten had his paw out of the cage waving it. He was leaping all around and yelling. My older son opened the door to the cage and took the kitty out. The kitty immediately lunged for me and climbed all over me, purring really loudly. My other son took him and it was all the kitten could do to fight him off and leap back on me. Yep. I’d found my cat.

My older son’s favorite comic strip was always Calvin and Hobbes. My younger son is minoring in philosophy and likes the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, so they agreed to name the cat Hobbes. So, the cat picked me, the kids picked his name and I guess I get to pick up the food at the store, right? We love our little fellow. He’s hilarious and a cuddle bug. He’s sitting on my chest as I type this. He’s very jealous of my iPad when I’m using it.

Sadly, one of my friends who wanted me to take a kitten from her isn’t talking to me right now. I couldn’t help it. That kitten had bonded to her and I didn’t want to take the chance of the fur baby being unhappy. I hope she gets over it because I hate to lose a friend over such a personal decision as the right pet. What do you think? Do our pets pick us? Should I have taken a pet that didn’t “speak” to my heart?