One Month at a Time

It’s been a strange month, waiting to get our vaccines, which we’ve both now gotten. I had some side effects from the second vaccine (Hubby did not) but I’d do it again to have this bit of protection.

In looking at my pictures for the last month, I can’t find anything interesting to write about. So this will be a pot-potpourri blog of snapshots, I think.

Here’s hubby and I, extremely happy and relieved, after getting our second vaccination:

Here’s my and my aunt in line at a drive through vaccination clinic, getting her second vaccine.

Here’s me out for one of my daily walks. Boy, and I glad the sun is out more. It’s heavenly to have the sunshine. I love winter, but I also adore spring, with all its flowers and abundant sun.

And lastly, I posted this on Facebook yesterday and thought I’d leave you with a smile. I always buy Lucky Charms cereal for my grandkids when they come visit. Then, when they go home, my dirty little secret is that I eat the rest of the box. 🙂 However, the pandemic put a stop to in-person visits, so I finally had to break down and buy a box to feed a craving.

And they’re all mine. I swear, Lucky Charms are like Oreo’s. I get a craving and just have to have some. Thankfully, with both, I try to limit that to once a year.

Happy Spring, everyone. The signs are there. It’s right around the corner. The daffodils are finally showing their beautiful yellow colors here.

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6 responses to “One Month at a Time

  1. Love, love, love the pictures. And, the Lucky Charms. Laurie you are SO HUMAN. Happy almost Spring!!!

  2. Fabulous photos, especially that last one! That impish smile says it all! Hope you enjoyed every last one. 🙂

  3. Great pics! I adore the cereal one- the excitement of a box of your own is palpable. LOL. Jillian

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