Spring? Maybe.

I can’t believe how fast the first two months of 2021 went. It seems like it was just January yesterday.

The Tuhart household has been busy. Tommy and Trina have two weeks left of advanced dog training. They’re both doing quite well. Tommy hasn’t quite gotten the come when called, but only at home. In training, or other places he’s very good. Trina is just her normal self.

But how can anyone resist these two. I took this picture while working in my office. They are so adorable.

They sometimes love to cuddle together. I just love how Tommy is resting his head on his sister as if he’s protecting her.

I’ve been busy writing on most days. I will admit I’m starting to get cabin fever. We’re a year into the virus and I’m getting a little tired of staying home. But the good news is I’m vaccine eligible next month, so as soon as I can I’ll be getting my shot.

This next picture I took last week. It was so interesting how the colors were when the sun set with the clouds. I could just sit and stare at it.

Everyone have a great month and don’t forget to spring forward in the US this weekend.


5 responses to “Spring? Maybe.

  1. Oh, thanks for the reminder to spring forward. I wish we’d stick with one or the other, though. I pay for these time changes. Tommy and Trina are adorable. And I’ll be praying for you to get vaccinated next month. Hoping…

    • Yeah, I’m hoping the proposed legislation that is being proposed goes through and we just stay on the spring forward time. Paying for the vaccine too, but things sound encouraging.

  2. Spring is so close and we are making progress on the pandemic. It will no doubt be a new normal but life in its self is a challenge. Looking back we have been changing faster, this just might slow us down a bit.

    Love the puppy pictures. The are very fortunate little ones.

  3. Tommy and Trina are certainly loving and adorable. Great! As was that glorious sunset. Wow! Hope by now you’ve had your vaccine. Keep the doggy photos coming. I simply love them!

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