A Brighter Light

The weather in England is a fickle thing. Two days ago, here in the West County we were shivering at minus 5 deg, the central heating turned up high, and outside in the garden the plants were blackened, laying prone and looking decidedly deceased. Then overnight, it all changed as we basked in temperatures over 12 degs, warm enough (almost) to sit outside and have our coffee. Today, although it started raining heavily at 5:30am, it is currently 13 degs, if overcast, and I’ve just turned the heating off for the day. The garden has recovered too. My hellebores are once again upright and looking fit, the pansies and other plants making a comeback. It feels that Spring has sprung.

All this is in sharp contrast to this day last year. It was the day Dave and I returned from our winter sun holiday. We’d enjoyed Spanish sun in temperatures over 25 degs, some days, hitting 30! But on Feb 16th 2020, our flight was delayed because of fog in Malaga, and in the UK the hatches were battened down as Storm Dennis battered the country with 70 mph winds and lashing rain. Let us hope it’s the last of the cold and frosts and snow this winter, and any further storms are gone but somehow I have a feeling some may return before Easter.

But let’s look on the bright side. Evenings are getting lighter each day, at the moment I’m not closing the blinds or putting the lights on until 5:45pm. A week ago, it was at 5:00pm. Dawn is arriving earlier and earlier. It’s light now long before 7:00am. This time of year is always one of optimism, new starts, new hope, new life. Perhaps more so this year as the Covid jabs are rolling out apace here, cases are falling, and the Government talking of how and when to ease us out of lockdown.

Now, I don’t know about you, but since Dave and I had our first jab, we are feeling a lot more cheerful, if that could be possible. Whilst we are always happy and comfortable in our surroundings, enjoying life and the current situation as best we can, it feels as if a lot of the pressure has been lifted, pressure we hardly realised was there. More noticeable is the fact that we are both sleeping better, more soundly and since the jab, I haven’t had one peculiar or weird dream, nor am I waking up several times during the night. Of course, a good night’s sleep does lead to a less stressful day. Now I’m woken up by the dawn chorus of robins and blackbirds, not by the urgent need to use the bathroom countless times; although Dave does put that down to my age. Cheeky man!

I’m now in the mood to venture out on a daily walk, something I’ve avoided due to the bad weather and you-know-what. I’ve missed ambling around our local park and woods and need to get out there and watch springtime wake up. Before long the bluebells will be out in the woods, and I don’t want to miss them this year. I’m in need of their inspiration.

Yes, folks, there is a light that is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel we’ve all been crawling through this past year. We’re getting there. Things are getting better and I am determined to make it a good one. If we’ve got through all this together, we can get through anything.

Keep on shining, light, we need you.

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10 responses to “A Brighter Light

  1. You’re right Kit, it is so much lighter now, even on grey days. And it’s also noticeable on our daily walks that the hedgerows are beginning to show the first green buds, waiting to shoot. Hopefully the dark days of the winter will soon be behind us! Know what you mean about the Covid shot too, it does feel reassuring.

    • Am beginning to feel more like my “normal” self in the last few days. And fingers are itching to get out into the garden and start tidying up to welcome spring. Have noticed the hedgerows and trees are coming to life again too. Bring it on! 🙂

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    Posting today about that light at the end of the tunnel that’s getting closer and brighter on Over the Backyard Fence. Would love it if you stopped by and joined in the conversation and shared your thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful, uplifting post, Kit. You have become my heralder of spring. Your positivity always beats our crocuses and daffodils out of the group. Thank you for that!

  4. Your blog is like a preview of spring. I had never had hellebores in a garden before I had the yard done when I moved here. I love them, they are maybe the hardiest of flowers. Makes one happy to see them even with snow all around.

  5. I agree that the Covid vaccine shot does make for a happier time all around, Kit. It seems like the best route out of this long tunnel we’ve all be in.
    And just love those hellibores. I was given two cuttings last year and just waiting to see if they perform 🙂
    Enjoy your outings, like you we’re hoping to catch the bluebells in the woods this year. Fingers crossed!

    • Hope the hellebores come good for you, Faye. They often take a year or two to establish but from then one they never disappoint. I intend buy more this year as there are so many colours and varieties and seem to love my garden. 🙂

  6. Glad you got your jab and that things are looking better and the weather is cooperating. Sleeping better is a plus!!!! Time change is coming and spring not far behind! ENJOY!! Jillian

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