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Whoosh… there goes November…

I hope everyone Stateside had a lovely Thanksgiving. November has gone by in a flash (well, let’s face it, most of this year has done the same), but since I’ve been especially busy, it has seemed the shortest month of the year so far.

First, I’ve been occupied with NaNoWriMo, and managing to keep my head above the sea of words as I battle toward the 50,000 finish line. Although I’ve done NaNo before, this year has been a bit of a struggle. The words haven’t wanted to come and sometimes it’s felt like pulling teeth. But nearly there and just a few thousand words left to write as I type this post. Although the conventional thing to do is to write the first draft of a new novel during the month, I’ve been a little unorthodox and used the 50,000 words to finish a story that’s been around for a few years now, plus written a short novella, and started another one. It feels like I’ve been very productive, but I have to admit I’ll be glad to hit that 50,000 and ease off a bit.

Second, I’ve tried to balance all the brain work with some physical activity.  Walking Ms. Vivvy is always a pleasure and trudging through fields always helps with the creative process, especially with the new voice recorder app on my phone. I often wonder what would happen if someone overheard me dictating into the machine, especially the love scenes 🙂

Then, thanks to a special monthly deal at the local sports centre (ahem* even more special if you’re a senior *ahem) we’ve been trying out a variety of teacher-led classes and also a new venture for the centre, Les Mills virtual sessions. So far we’ve sampled total body tone, fitness yoga, legs/bums/tums, coreX, body balance and sh’bam (phew, that one was a killer). This week it’s zumba, which I’m not too sure about to be honest.

But my real love has to be the adult ballet classes. There was much excitement last week when our teacher introduced some very intense foot exercises, told us we weren’t beginners any longer, and bandied around the words en pointe. That led to much speculation that we would soon be dancing on our toes like real ballerinas. Our excitement was soon dimmed when she introduced a new arm position and said ‘your left hand should be lowered to just above the height of your ‘tutu’. We all went quiet after that, as visions of prancing back to the car park after class while wearing our new ‘tutus’ took on nightmarish proportions. There were cries of ‘not in a million years‘ and ‘I’d never find one to fit me’, amongst other things.  Of course, our teacher was only joking…we hope!

Have a great last week of November …





Habits, Good and Bad

WHY can’t I keep the good habits like I do the bad? I do all the right things, like focusing for 30 days. For example our writing chapter does a 100 day club challenge. You write 100 words for 100 days. It is designed to set a habit of writing each day. It works . . . for awhile.

Coffee, I was advised to stop drinking it or greatly reduce my intake. To do this the doctor said to stop drinking coffee, and tea. Even herbal tea so that I could set a habit. I hated this one, but I did and it worked . . . for awhile.

Walking, now there’s classic good habit. Try as I might I can’t get into it and stay, Not so with my husband. Jack walks nearly every day. Rain or shine. Of course he has a consistency that I don’t have. He doesn’t like the furniture to be re-arranged and even gets upset if the remote gets moved to another end table. He sits in the same area, preferably the same pew in church every week. Getting a picture here? According to what I’ve read consistency is the key so now all I have to do is find it.

In researching habits I found one piece of advice that may work. It said, “Don’t go to the gym if you hate it.” Got that one. It went on to say, “Find diets, exercise, financial plans and work routines that are fun to follow and support you.”

So it’s April, and I’m off to find good habits that I like. Wish me luck in not finding more bad habits instead.

Marathon man, er, woman

I started a diet and exercise program this week, so right now it hurts even to type. 🙂  It’s a local program at a gym and one of the things I like about it is the accountability portion.  For some reason, I keep starting exercise and/or food modification programs, then falling off the wagon, if you’ll forgive the cliché.  This program requires me to show up at the gym 5 days a week for exercise and to go over my meal plans with them (both what I’m going to eat and what I’ve eaten).

 I’ve signed up for 8 weeks of this.  (Do you think I can get out of that contract by being certified as nuts? 🙂 ).  My hope is that, by the end, I’ll have broken some bad habits and replaced them with newer, healthier ones.

Having never gone to a gym and exercised, I was intimidated when I showed up.  But something pretty special happened that first day in my group.  I was, as I expected, the last one in from the timed lunge/squat/1mile run portion of the program.  But everyone in my class, who could have gone home once they were done, stayed and clapped me in.

I have to tell you, having them root me in made it feel like I’d just finished the NY City Marathon.  Okay, so yes, I also felt like that physically, but the emotional rush had me in tears. 

It felt great.  And that euphoria, hopefully, will carry me through until my muscles adjust to the program and stop complaining.

So…anybody got any tips for soothing sore muscles?