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Cats RULE!

Jillian here!  Happy Monday-  Or is that an oxymoron?? I’m not having a bad day and hope none of you are either. Hobbes is a bit upset with me, but it’s really his fault. I was trying to get something out of the refrigerator and he put himself under my foot. Really– I swear that’s what happened. By his reaction though- it was as if I’d taken aim and tried to demolish him….. wait….hellllp…

Hobbes here-  I just shoved that woman away from the keyboard. She’s in big trouble. I may never speak to her again… stepping on me like that…what was she thinking? She’s as big as a moose and I can’t help it if she can’t see. I’ve been trying to tell her she needs to go have her contacts upgraded if she’s that pitiful at seeing such a handsome guy as me.  AND I know she was going to pour milk in her glass….and not share one bit with lil ole me.  Shame on her.

As soon as she stepped on my toe, she tried to capture me and who knows what she’d have done next? She pretended to want to apologize, and who knows? She might have meant it, but you know what? I have to show her who runs this taco stand. She must be given the silent treatment….at least until she comes home from work this afternoon and opens the snack bar.

Shhhh.  Don’t tell her my belly and I are going to forgive her….Let her sweat-  that’ll be easy since it’s still in the 90’s here.

Hobbes: Over and out.  Happy September… Nap time for all good kitties!FullSizeRender

Meet Dude

I realized recently that I haven’t take time yet to introduce the other guy in my life (besides my husband). We’ve always been dog and cat lovers, but after losing our 2 dogs and cat to old age all within a year of each other, we decided to take a couple years off and regroup.

Then, two years ago, the day after we got home from a two week cruise, our son called with a kitten he needed to find a home for. It seems a friend of his rescued the little guy from some jerks that were trying to throw him up on top of a roof. What makes people do that, anyhow? I do not understand it.

When he brought the kitten over, we instantly fell in love with the scratched up little guy. Having always had female animals, though, we kept saying “her” and “she”. So we christened our newest family member “Dude” to help us remember.

The cat that owned us before Dude was named Screamer, and she was my husband’s cat. Not mine. Not anyone else’s. Only my husband’s. For 19 years he shared that special bond with Screamer. Now I know what that bond is like, because Dude has clearly, over the past two years, attached himself to my hip. I think he likes the slower life of retired folks, because his favorite things to do are eat and sleep. Which probably explains why he now weighs 15.5 pounds, even though we have had him on a diet for over a year.

He also loves warmth. And doesn’t like rain and cold. So he’s an indoor cat most of the winter and we don’t see him except to sleep when the sun rolls out the warmth for a few months.

All in all, he is a joy to have in our family. How about you? Do you have a beloved pet you’d like to showcase in a blog on Over The Backyard Fence? If so, email us at backyardfence@hotmail.com and we’ll find you a guest slot to blog in.

by Laurie Ryan