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Cats RULE!

Jillian here!  Happy Monday-  Or is that an oxymoron?? I’m not having a bad day and hope none of you are either. Hobbes is a bit upset with me, but it’s really his fault. I was trying to get something out of the refrigerator and he put himself under my foot. Really– I swear that’s what happened. By his reaction though- it was as if I’d taken aim and tried to demolish him….. wait….hellllp…

Hobbes here-  I just shoved that woman away from the keyboard. She’s in big trouble. I may never speak to her again… stepping on me like that…what was she thinking? She’s as big as a moose and I can’t help it if she can’t see. I’ve been trying to tell her she needs to go have her contacts upgraded if she’s that pitiful at seeing such a handsome guy as me.  AND I know she was going to pour milk in her glass….and not share one bit with lil ole me.  Shame on her.

As soon as she stepped on my toe, she tried to capture me and who knows what she’d have done next? She pretended to want to apologize, and who knows? She might have meant it, but you know what? I have to show her who runs this taco stand. She must be given the silent treatment….at least until she comes home from work this afternoon and opens the snack bar.

Shhhh.  Don’t tell her my belly and I are going to forgive her….Let her sweat-  that’ll be easy since it’s still in the 90’s here.

Hobbes: Over and out.  Happy September… Nap time for all good kitties!FullSizeRender

My Heart is Heavy This Week

As you all know if you’ve read my posts, I’m a fan of symmetry and like to look for things that come full circle or seem somehow to be more than mere coincidence (which I don’t fully believe in). Anyway, sadly, something came full circle for me this week and even my oldest son said the irony wasn’t lost on him.

November 25, 1999 was Thanksgiving Day. On that day, a blessing came into our lives. Our cat, Dixie (named by a great nephew of my husband’s) was a kitten who was less than three weeks old. She was part of a couple of feral litters who were living at a house near my sister in law. The little great nephew had brought a couple of the kitties over to his grandma’s house to play with. Every time I went outside, this tiny little ball of fur would follow me everywhere and talk up a storm.

At the end of our visit, I told my sister in law that I was taking that kitty home with me and I did. My youngest was five at the time and he sat in the backseat with her all the way home. The older son and his father had left the morning after Thanksgiving to attend a scout event.

We have been blessed with our Dixie Pixie Girl since that day in 1999. Sadly, she’d been losing weight lately and when I took her to the vet in August, they said she either had developed asthma or lung cancer. They couldn’t tell. They gave us some meds to help her breathing in the hope that it was merely asthma. About two weeks ago, it became clear the meds weren’t working. She started losing more and more weight even though she was eating three times a day and begging for more food. She was vomiting a lot and lost control of her bowels somewhat. We had to make the tough decision to let her go. It has weighed on my heart even though I know it was the right thing for her.

So, she was with us almost thirteen years to the day. It’s ironic to me. Here’s a picture of her in her better days.