Without the picture you would think this blog was about something for sewing.  Since I first discovered threading (January 2023), I have seen one sign that I’d have sworn I could go in for hemming some pants.  

Karen and I found this way to shape brows by accident.  There was a shop in Walmart and I went in to make a couple of appointments for having our brows waxed.  The young lady said they did Threading instead and always ready to try something new, we thought it would be fun to try.  

Since than I have asked around and found that 

1. Some people have heard of Threading , but never tried it.

2. Some had never heard of Threading.

3. No one I asked had Threading done. 

I googled  ‘Threading’ and thought I would address some of what we found with our experience.  To start with, both Karen and I have switched from waxing to threading so my view will be in the positive. 

1. The speed of the process. I didn’t find it faster but it was marginally slower. And that was our first time so it might be faster for us to maintain. 

2. It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. Both of us hardly felt it. 

3. Lasts as least as long as waxing maybe even longer as they shaped the brows. 

4. Cost. Every place here (Phoenix), charge $10 for Threading and $15 for tinting.  When Karen went home, she had hers done in Lacey Washington for the same price. 

5. Some irritation around the area.  Mine were about the same as waxing both in redness and how long it lasted.  By the time Karen got back to the house I didn’t notice any redness. But mine always is irritated to the point of redness with waxing.

In researching Threading, after we had it done, I found that brow threading has been practiced in multiple cultures for several thousand years.  They think it might have originated in India or Iran. Today it has been adopted by cultures worldwide and is one of the most popular methods of shaping brows.  (This makes me feel like a DUH moment. How am I just now hearing about it?)


8 responses to “Threading

  1. Hmmm. Haven’t tried it. I’ve tried waxing and I have almost an allergic reaction to it, especially on the upper lip. Bumps and redness that lasts for days. I’m not sure if I want to try this or not.

  2. This is primarily for brows. Had you heard of it?

    • I have heard of it and only for eyebrows. I don’t really want to look like I have pimply red eye shadow on for several days, though. That’s how I reacted to waxing. Lol.

  3. New to me, thanks for sharing!

  4. Just the thought of it gives me the heebie-jeebies! Way to go for trying it. Jillian

  5. Haven’t tried threading, but glad it worked for you. There’s something called sugaring here, but haven’t looked into that. I’ll stick with my Just for Men mustache dye for now (on my eyebrows, of course) 🙂

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