Happy- Or Hoppy- Easter

Jillian here. Sorry I missed my day to blog last month. Hobbes had just had surgery and he was a miserable kitty who wouldn’t sleep alone and I spent five nights sleeping on the couch with him while he moaned and groaned about the collar he had to wear. I walked around in a daze at work for that week and didn’t even realize the 9th of the month passed until the 12th. Pretty crazy, I know.

Today is Easter and I hope those of you who celebrate are having a nice holiday. Now that we don’t have small children and don’t do the egg dying and hunting thing, it’s a pretty quiet day. We have dinner at my parents’ home and enjoy the whole turkey with fixings meal as if it was thanksgiving all over again. My mom makes the best gravy and the best deviled eggs so I am sure to indulge in those.

We used to go to the sun rise (or SON-rise) service at my church but they stopped doing it. I always loved that service as it was set to start before the sun was up and the sun came up just as it was ending– at the final hymn–beautiful. And then there was the pancake breakfast…

One thing I love about Easter is the availability of Starburst jelly beans. They have a bag of all reds that we stock up on while we can. They used to only be sold at Target but now you can get them other places. I am proud of myself this year. I bought 6 bags and have not eaten one. Not one, single jelly bean. I’m still trying to lose weight and cut down on sugar. But I do think I might cave before the day is over and eat a few. We’ll see.

Passover was also this week. My daughter-in-law is Jewish so they do both a Seder and an Easter celebration. They went on an egg hunt in their community park last weekend and her brother’s girlfriend gave birth to their second daughter on Passover. A sweet new little girl for my son and DIL to be aunt and uncle to and a new cousin for Benjamin.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a blessed day full of love and happiness. And go get you some Starburst red jelly beans—you won’t regret it.


8 responses to “Happy- Or Hoppy- Easter

  1. Happy Easter. So many memories of when the kids were little and we did the egg thing. It is a much quieter day now. Glad Hobbes is back to normal. Can’t blame the guy for hating that cone thing.

  2. Easter is quiet for us as well, and that’s okay. My daughter (of 3 teen girls) said this was the first year they didn’t color eggs or have a hunt. A milestone that made her sad, but also glad that her family was growing up. 🙂 As for candy, for us it’s the Robin’s Eggs (malted milk balls.) We haven’t bought any this year, not that the temptation wasn’t there. Yikes.

    • Different stages in life all have their good points for sure. It is a bittersweet time when the egg hunts stop but then changes come and the holiday is still nice but in a different way. And yay for resisting temptation on the robins eggs. Those are good. Happy Easter.

  3. Happy Easter – wishing you and your family the very best!

  4. Poor Hobbes, the fur babies really hate those collars, don’t they? Easter came and went for us, very quiet, but I did indulge in a chocolate egg, or two. We have actual egg-sized creme eggs here which are basically just balls of sugar (yum, and double yum).

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