Books, Books, and more Books

We have had one of the weirdest weather patterns this year. I know from the news and friends that it isn’t just here in Arizona. And, getting it in perspective, most of the time I’m loving the weather here at this time of year. But we have been cooler and wetter so it’s a great time to catch up on reading. And, as most of you know that isn’t a hardship for me. 

Picture is from this morning. Had to send it so you could take a look at the sky. And, it’s spring?  And it was raining.

Okay, back to reading.  Lately I have been into medical mystery, and suspense. I’ve always been a fan of Robin Cook and have found two other authors that are amazing. 

Michael Palmer M.D.  Since Jan I have read 8 of his books.  Natural Causes is one of my favorites. Dr. Palmer draws from first-hand experience in the E.R. to create drama filled stories.  He has me usually hooked from the first page.

John Benedict is an anesthesiologist and as he says he spends a good part of his life putting people to sleep.  I just read my first story by him “Brain Dead”. His profession as an author certainly doesn’t put me to sleep.  Quite the opposite. I couldn’t put it down.  I just bought Adrenaline and can’t wait to start it. 








How about you. Any authors you’ve recently discovered? 


6 responses to “Books, Books, and more Books

  1. I used to soak up all Robin Cook’s stories. I haven’t read a medical mystery in years. Maybe it’s time to try one again. Thanks for the rec.

  2. You bet both authors are great.

  3. I’ve never read Robin Cook but may need to change that 🙂

  4. He’s good. Even has movies made from his stories.

  5. Wow. I Love a good mystery, These must be very good since you already read 8 of them. I’ll have to check them out. Love the picture. It’s a pretty view even with the clouds. Jillian

  6. Thanks Jillian, I love being on the lake.

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