It’s the little things…

Almost since the day we married, hubs and I have always been big on celebrating our wins. Back in the day, we celebrated with weekends away, foreign holidays, meals out, new clothes … you get the drift. Since I started writing to get published, we’ve marked each book release with luxury chocolate and a bottle of champagne (I save the corks!)

Well, times change… Although we still celebrate our wins, the way we choose to do so has kind of morphed into, shall we say, more prosaic means. Vivvy is a huge part of our lives now and neither of us enjoy leaving her for very long, although we have the very best friends who look after her for us – in fact, Viv can barely contain her excitement when we roll up to their house and she shoots out of the car without barely a backward glance for mum and dad. Typical! But since we miss her so much when we’re away, we tend not to want to go away that much, so the holidays and city breaks have taken a backseat, celebration wise.

Not that the actual celebrations have waned. If anything, we find more to celebrate as we get older, or that maybe because we look for any excuse since we found our new celebratory purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

Belgiun buns!

They’re our new addiction. We’ll celebrate anything … a day when it doesn’t rain, bin collection day, garden waste disposal day, grocery shopping day, when the window cleaner comes day, daylight saving day … you name it ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact, getting my blog post up on time today calls for celebration…

We buy ours from the bakery, but here’s the recipe for you cooks out there:

9 responses to “It’s the little things…

  1. OMG. Those look sooooo good. I can’t have them right now, but I’m putting them on my “I lost enough weight” splurge list. Won’t be making them, though. Not my strength. But I’ll find the best bakery around. Oook, there’s a German bakery in the next town over. They’d have something that yummy, I’m sure! A big hellooooo to hubs and Miss Vivvy!

  2. Belgian buns, the picture got me for sure. Like Laurie I’ll go the bakery route. So now to find a German Bakery around here. I love the joy you and AJ have in simple things Trisha. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cheers to celebrating everyday – and the Belgian buns look so very good!

  4. Celebrating is wonderful and these look delicious! YUM!! And I can’t blame you for missing Vivvy. Our animals are so much a part of our lives. Love to love them. Jillian

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