I’m Back and Then Gone Again

Jillian here. Now that I’ve wrestled the computer out of Hobbes’ hands, I can tell you all about the fab time I had with Laurie, Lavada and Laurie’s husband. We had a wonderful visit. Mark is a master at making his own apple cider- he even built the press- how cool is that? I very much enjoyed the taste of it and killed a two liter of it while I was there.  He also has a superb garden and we ate fresh from it as well.

Speaking of gardens, I have to tell you, Lavada has shared pictures of hers with us but man, those do not to the place justice. She has created a beautiful outdoor oasis and she should be very proud of it. It has a definite wow factor.

They fed me so much good food while I was there, I got quite spoiled. Lots of great meals and laughter around the table. It was an easy visit and just like home. Except the cooler air was much appreciated. I’m glad they arranged that foe me. 😉

Highlights (as Hobbes said) were the fish market- with beautiful flowers- the space needle, Mt. Rainier (where I got super car sick- bleh), the capitol building and the awesome scenery and the old houses we looked at.

The weirdest thing about the trip was meeting so many people from Florida and even a guy from Alabama who’s dad is best friends with someone I know. How wild is that?

A great trip and now it’s time to plan one where we can all meet up!!

I am in Rhode Island as you read this. Visiting my son and daughter-in-law. Hadn’t  been anywhere in a year and now two trips in two months. That’s how I roll.

15 responses to “I’m Back and Then Gone Again

  1. Thanks for the compliment on the yard. Reading your post this morning brought happy thoughts of those few days you were with us. You travel well my friend, and I completely loved seeing things with you. Some, well most of them, I hadn’t seen for years and seeing them again with you, Laurie and Mark was a vacation for me too.

    So lets plan a get together I’m ready.

  2. Those were fun times. We’re still talking about them. And yep, next trip should be all of us OTBFencers, eh? Hope Rhode Island was fun!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    It sounds like you had a grand time, and it’s always good to sit and laugh with good friends! Hope Rhode Island turned out to be just as fab! Safe travels home!

  4. It sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday, Jillian. I’m pretty jealous. And I can imagine how much you enjoyed the cooler temperatures, too. Fancy meeting up with people from Florida? It really is a small world.

    • It was great, Tricia. I loved the cool weather, too. Funny thing, I find a lot of times when I travel, I see people from my state or even people I know. Once I encountered a high school friend on the Brooklyn bridge and once at a ski resort, I ran into a lady and her husband I knew from Jacksonville. Very weird. Lol


  5. Sounds wonderful and fun. Hope Hobbes has forgiven you. All of you visit such wonderful places. I love the idea of getting together wish I could join you sometime. Maybe I should start saving! Plan A Trish.!!

    • Yes, start the saving plan. We need to all hang out and chill with each other. I’m glad to be home and Hobbes seems happier than the spouse that I am back. LOL

  6. Sounds like you all had a great visit. And yes, Tricia and I are jealous beyond words. 😉

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