Daily Archives: October 23, 2015


image-37I have a houseguest and a very welcome one. This little lady is the best. Smart… Oh My Gosh, she communicates. Karen has her on a schedule. Breakfast at around 8:00. Sugar is a delightful alarm clock. Almost on the dot she stands up on the bed and stares until I respond.

She loves naps, definitely my kind of dog. She’s made herself at home on the spare bed except at night when she seems to know it’s big bed time.
I’ve been slacking on the walking and Sugar has gotten me back to it. Again almost on the dot she starts telling me its walk time around 3:15. Karen and Sugar moved to Jubilee around February and the neighbors know her and stop to talk on the walks. I’m for sure feeling better with the exercise.

We have had dogs my whole life. My dad coming from old school never wanted them in the house. When I was dating Jack, he bought me a little Pomeranian and dad not only gave his consent, but came to love her. Minx started our indoor dogs. Dad and Mom even went on to get a toy poodle.

When Abby, our little Jack Russell, died six months after Jack, I made the decision to not have another dog. It was a big decision and as you can guess has it’s plus and minus. I know Sugar is only visiting and I’m enjoying every minute. For now and at this time of life maybe an occasional visitor is the best way for me.