Two Buddies, a Russian Spy, and an Intern Walk Into a Bar In Transylvania by Valerie J. Patterson

Two buddies, a Russian spy, and an intern walk into a bar in Transylvania.  Sounds like the start to a good joke, right?  It could have been if I was a comedian and wrote my own material.  Instead, I offer you a couple movie reviews.

A Walk In The Woods stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, and was a very entertaining movie.  It was good to see these two men on the big screen again, too.  Barely recognized Nick Nolte, but without him the movie wouldn’t have been as good as it was.  His and Redford’s characters are as opposite as any two humans could be.  One is refined, the other not so much.  But, opposites often make the best pairs.  Redford plays a character who has spent his whole life in the career/family lane of the road of life.  He’s been successful in writing and in love, and everything about his life speaks fulfillment…until his friends begin dying and there’s one funeral too many, causing him to take stock in his life and what became of his dreams.  One night he makes the life-changing decision to hike the Appalachian Trail–the entire trail.  He goes through his phone book of friends and colleagues and invites each of them to accompany him.  One by one, they all turn him down, and he’s beginning to think he’ll have to do it alone.  One last call comes in.  Nolte’s character–whom Redford never called–asks if he can go on the trip.  This pleases Redford’s character’s wife and the two set of on an unforgettable adventure that resonates with any person at any stage of their life.  If you missed this one in the theaters, it’s worth the rental price.

The Intern stars Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro, and the two have exceptional chemistry and comedic timing.  Hathaway plays an over-stressed work-aholic who started her own Internet company that exploded into a huge success that leaves her reeling between work life and home life.  Enter DeNiro’s character as an intern in the company’s new initiative “Senior Interns”.  DeNiro’s character is living life after retirement and the death of his wife.  After traveling everywhere he’s ever wanted to go, he finds himself with wide open days and tons of time on his hands.  Boss and intern need one another–even if they don’t see it, don’t want it, and don’t accept it, which leads to laughs and lessons learned.  Again, if this is not still playing–as it is here in one or two theaters–it’s worth the rental price.

Bridge of Spies stars Tom Hanks as James Donovan, an American insurance attorney who’s chosen to represent a Russian spy arrested on American soil.  Donovan takes the case, and Hanks shines!  Donovan takes his job seriously and Russian spy or not, his client deserves a fair trial.  Too bad the judge and the jury don’t share the same thought process.  This true story shows humanity at its best and its worst.  When Joseph B. Wirthlin said, “The true greatness of a person…is evident in the way he or she treats those with whom courtesy and kindness are not required.” he was not speaking of James Donovan, but it certainly applies to him.  Catch this one in the theater or via rental, but catch it nonetheless!

And finally, Hotel Transylvania 2, the second installment written by and starring Adam Sandler.  The first movie was adorable and appealed to adults and children alike.  This offering–in my humble opinion–was just disappointing.  Steve and I actually apologized to the couple we had with us!  Dracula is waiting to see if his grandson is a vampire or–gasp–a mere mortal like the baby’s father.  The first movie was all about acceptance of those different from ourselves.  This offering seemed less so, though Dracula does become more accepting in the end, but only after…well, I won’t post a spoiler here on the off chance you have a burning desire to see Hotel Transylvania 2.

So, two buddies, a Russian spy, and an intern walk into a bar in Transylvania…

Until next time, may the movies you chose to see entertain you, warm your heart, and tickle your funny bone.

10 responses to “Two Buddies, a Russian Spy, and an Intern Walk Into a Bar In Transylvania by Valerie J. Patterson

  1. Three of these movies are on my must see list. I’m not so sure about the Adam Sandler one. I haven’t been a huge fan of his movies…oh, wait. Is this animated? Well, I still probably won’t end up seeing it, but I’m loving these recs. And that you go to the movies regularly. Hubby and I need to do more of that. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thank you, Laurie. Yes, Hotel Transylvania 2 is animated. It was such a disappointment especially after such a good first one. You might also be interested in The Walk, another true story about a man who walks a tight rope between the Twin Towers. Excellent movie. Steve and I have a love of movies…a common love…and we try to catch one every weekend along with dinner. It’s our date night. Hope you and hubby do more of it in the immediate future. The discussions after each flick is what I enjoy the most.

  2. So funny, I had thought about posting a review of The Intern because I LOVED that movie. It was one of those movies that when you walk out of the theater you ‘just feel good’. I’d so recommend it as a must see.

    Walk In The Woods was really good too. Well worth seeing. I haven’t seen Bridge of Spies but had been thinking about it. Now it will be above the thinking part.

    Hotel Transylvania wasn’t on my list.

    Lately I have been going to more movies. I have a friend that enjoys them so it makes for a lot of impromptu “Let’s go to the movies”.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh! So glad you enjoyed both of those movies, too, Lavada. I think you’d enjoy Bridge of Spies, too. I can really get into a true story. Makes me really want to know more about the people and what they did with the rest of their lives. Hope you and your friend continue to enjoy the movies. Some people don’t like them because they say there’s no opportunity to talk during a movie, but for me, the discussion afterwards is the best opportunity to talk. Steve and I saw “The Gift”, and oh my! the discussion afterward went on for the rest of the evening. If you missed that one, maybe consider renting it and watching with your friend. I promise you will want to talk about it afterward!

  3. I fancy seeing all of those movies, Valerie, except the last one! Thanks for the great reviews. I usually go with girlfriends to the movies, because AJ often gets woozy with the big screens. The only time he really wants to go is to see the newest James Bond, or anything with Bruce Willis in it (he’s an action fan), and for those films he will risk the dizziness. But even then we have to sit right at the back of the theatre and in the centre.Poor love.

    Saw the new version of Far from the Madding Crowd last night and before that it was Woman in Gold with Helen Mirren. Both very enjoyable.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      I have problems with sitting too close to the big screen, so I feel for AJ. Will he be going to see the new Bond movie? The Woman in Gold was excellent! Definitely a movie worth seeing again at home!

  4. Thank you for the tips, also not sure about Adam Sandler, not a fan of Horror movies – not even animated. Agree with Tricia about Far from the Maddin Crowd. Hoping to see Suffragettes soon.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh! I want to see Suffragettes, too, Jane. I have not seen previews for Far from the Madding Crowd. Will have to look that one up. Thanks!

  5. Great reviews. I’ve seen Hotel Transylvania but didn’t enjoy it, so probably will give HT 2 a miss. The others are already on my Must Be Seen list, and looking forward to them coming on Sky Movies TV.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Yeah, I recommend giving HT2 a miss. It was disappointing. Sky Movies TV? Is that a premium channel? Or is it pay-per-view? Or do you order movies through it like Netflix?

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