Jillian here. Can you believe it’s February already? Wow. It’s crazy how one week just blurs into the next. It seems like it’s always Thursday (why can’t it always be Saturday? 🙂 )

My life has been kind of limited lately. Work (my paralegal was out almost the whole month of January, so I was doing her work and mine–with help from my legal assistant- but it was still a lot), home, and taking care of a family member both at home and in the hospital. I am tired and wish I could sleep for a month but that isn’t going to happen. 😦

Funny how life seems to come in spurts- hard times seem to add more hard times, don’t they? And conversely, good times seem to multiply to bring more joy. Not much balance in my life right now– there are lots of good things, but the three a.m. bugaboos are getting the best of me. I’ve never seen so much of the wee hours of the morning than I have the last two months.

I did get a chance to go to lunch with a group of friends yesterday. The seven of us had a lovely visit and it was a much needed balm to my soul. And I had Brunswick stew which is one of my favorite things in the world. I usually eat salad for lunch but I wanted to treat myself a little and indulged. It was so yummy!

Last Saturday, I also got to judge the county history fair here. That is always fun and seeing the projects of our students is educational and enlightening. The middle school winner was based on the Clotilda. The last slave ship to America which was illegal at the time and the owner ended up sinking it to cover his crime. This is about 40 miles from where I live. It’s a shameful part of history but the families who live in Africatown are determined to make sure no one forgets about it. It is a thriving community today with the descendants of those slaves.

There are ongoing dives to excavate the wreckage and I recommend this documentary on it.

Here’s a cool picture I took of the bankruptcy court flag on my way home one day- love the early moon rise, too.



10 responses to “February!

  1. Just read about the Clotilda. Wow. What a story. Jillian, hang in there. Things will ease.

    • The Clotilda is def a story worth learning about. Glad you took the time to read about it. And thanks for the good wishes. I’m in the middle of my middle of the night hour or two waking period right now. Alas.


  2. Been busy here but fun busy with Char and Kennedy visiting from Washington. But I’m behind on everything computer wise, emails, blogs…….. I want to read the documentary it sounds really interesting.

  3. Wishing you calm and sun shinny days ahead!

  4. That’s such a great photo, Jillian, and glad you managed lunch with good friends to ease the challenging period you’re going through. Keep the faith. Sending you light and good vibes for easier times ahead. Am just off to check out that documentary.

  5. Pleased you managed lunch with friends. With all the difficult times you have on our plate at present it must have been a great escape for a few hours. Hope things calm down soon for you. You deserve some peace and calm in your life. Have just watched that documentary. Most interesting. Thank you for sharing. x

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