Winter Cabin – No Adventure

We held our annual winter cabin weekend with the kids and grands in January. When you total up our kids, partners, grands, and great-grands, hubby’s and my family total 22. Soon to be 23 as a great-grandson is due in March.

Eleven made it to the cabin. Since COVID, everyone makes their own decision to go or not go. No pressure. This was our 24th year of doing this and I’m so grateful for this tradition. Our family has spread out along the west US coast so it’s a time to come together in person and catch up on our lives.

And let our lives go for a little bit. No hustle, no bustle, just us. Visiting, eating, playing games, eating, painting rocks and wood and canvases, and yes, eating. (I came home and had to go on a diet!)

The cabin we usually stay in is no longer rented out, so we found a new place for this year. Smaller, but with two separate living spaces so we were cozy but not on top of each other.

I don’t know if I’ve ever relaxed as much as I did at this year’s cabin. Food prep was simple and we only left the place once, to check out a distillery in a nearby town. In fact, that’s really the only “adventure” I can tie to this year’s cabin. I had a lavender-infused lemon drop. Never had anything like that before and it was yummy!

Now cabin is over and we’ve all gone back to our lives. Hubby and I are blessed because our kids are close, not only with each other, but with us. So we talk regularly throughout the year. It’s just nice, once in a while, to gather in person, you know?

Our daughter brought this sand thing and it mesmerized us all. It’s very peaceful to just watch the sand fall. Very meditative.

Have a wonderful month, everyone!

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11 responses to “Winter Cabin – No Adventure

  1. A lavender-infused lemon drop does indeed sound like an adventure, Laurie 🙂 Love the photos, and always enjoy seeing the rock painting outcomes. Such a fun thing to do.
    Glad you enjoyed your special and relaxing time wiith family.

  2. I love the pictures of Cabin time. The rocks are becoming a cabin tradition. Definitely a happy way to start a New Year.

  3. Congrats on enjoying a 24-year adventure celebration with your dear children and family!

  4. Sounds like a lovely and delightful time. Glad you all do this every year. Jillian

  5. Thank you. I’m glad we do, too.With such a large family, it gives us all a chance to catch up with each other.

  6. I do envy you and your family being able to do this each year; you are all truly blessed to take time out like this. So pleased you had such a delightful time and are no doubt looking forward to the next adventure.

  7. Great photos, btw. 🙂

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