Shepherds Pie

With fall looming I thought it was time for a recipe and this is now one of our favorites.

We bought Cosco’s Shepherds Pie and loved it. Their version is made with hamburger and Linda and I decided to try beef stew meat.  We didn’t look up a recipe and I realized as I did a little looking before writing this that there are a lot of recipes on the web. Just Google. 

Our version:  

Make any size you want. We made a 9×13 one. 

* Stew meat – we got stew meat that was cut in small pieces at Safeway. I’d never seen it like this but it cooked faster. 

* mashed potatoes – we used instant and they tasted great. We did mix grated cheese in them 

* can of beef broth

* can of mushroom soup

* pea’s & corn – we used frozen 

* carrots, we used baby carrots

* seasoning – Johnny’s Dock & garlic powder

Brown stew meat with flour (use enough flour so it will make a thick gravy). In a pan or bowl mix broth, soup, and vegetables. Stir in browned meat and season.  Put in a casserole dish (again we used the 9×13 size). Cook in 350° until meat is tender and the stew thick.  

Spread mashed potatoes over top as thick as you want and put back in oven until brown.  


11 responses to “Shepherds Pie

  1. Oh, yum! That sounds like the perfect winter recipe and I’m going to have to try it. How long did you end up cooking it for?

  2. Yum indeed. Shepherd’s Pie is a firm favourite in our house. Haven’t made one for a long time. Time to get the pots out, methinks. Thanks, Lavada, for sharing your recipe, and reminding me.

    • We had never tried it before seeing it in Costco.

      • Very popular in UK. Originally created to use up leftovers from Sunday roast. If it’s made with beef we call it a Cottage Pie, or if it’s lamb, we call it Shepherd’s Pie. Both delicious. Nowadays most families don’t have a proper Sunder roast lunch so we make it with ground beef or more often or not, buy them ready made, which are never as good as home made.

  3. Yum!! Except for the peas. LOL!

  4. Thanks for the input Kit. This is a new dish for us.

  5. AJ would love this 🙂 but since I don’t eat meat we make a meatless version. It must be okay since he doesn’t complain, but secretly I think he would like this version!

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