June– Hot, Hot! SUMMER!!

Jillian here – hope everyone is doing fine. It’s already in the 90s here in sunny NW Florida. It doesn’t feel too bad when the wind is blowing, but man, inside the car is a whole ‘nother story– boiling hot. It’s amazing how much like an inferno (one without flames) it can get inside an auto. Aug and Sept are our two hottest months, so something to look forward to….NOPE!

I recently ordered a book when I saw the author on the Jeopardy quiz show as she intrigued me as a lawyer who wrote thrillers. I just finished reading it and it was okay except there was no one I liked in the whole book. I hate it when I don’t have someone to root for, don’t you? The protagonist was a lawyer and made some super bone-headed moves that even a first year law student knows they shouldn’t do. She was quite unlikeable as well– snobbish and a liar. But I kept reading, so clearly, something was appealing to me, right?

Like Laurie, I enjoyed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and watched some of the festivities online. What an amazing lady she is. Admirable.

The grandson had his last day of preschool summer party and I love, love this photo of him in the mini pool as all the other children were being dried off. It’s just pure joy!

Happy summer to my sweet Baboo as well as all of you!

6 responses to “June– Hot, Hot! SUMMER!!

  1. Heading to Arizona at the end of the month. So will be able to relate to your weather. Here it has been almost continual rain. And as much as I like the cooler Pacific NW weather the rain this year has gotten to me.

    Great picture of that grandson. He is sure growing.

    • You will def get hot, as you know. It’s less humid at least.  LOL!  Hope the move goes smoothly. And He’s def growing up too fast.  They always do, don’t they?

  2. Oh my gosh, that pic of your grandson is priceless. I love that kind of joy. And survive the heat. I know you get humidity right along with it. I’ll be hoping for respites for you!

    • Thanks Laurie. Later that same afternoon, we had a super big thunderstorm and the temp dropped from 93 to 79 so was worth it. And the picture is sure awesome, isn’t it??


  3. Don’t envy you that heat, Jillian. We’ve just had a heatwave here in the UK and I was really pleased when the temps went back to our seasonal norm. Your gradson had the best idea on how to keep cool 🙂
    It’s disappointing when a hyped book falls short of expectation. Unlikeable characters are the worst!

    • It is def too hot too early for both of us. We’ve had some rain lately that has been helping! And yeah, unlikeable characters are awful- Esp if they don’t get redeemed. LOL

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