Delays and Jubilees

I’d hoped to show a finished remodel this month, but we’ve had a few delays. Primarily plumbing. One of the walls we are sheet-rocking has the last of the old plumbing in it. It made sense to redo that last bit of plumbing before throwing sheet-rock up. However, our plumber got in an accident, which thankfully, he will recover from. But it took us another month to find a plumber.

That piping is now all done, thank goodness. And the sheet-rock is up.

But no tape/mud yet. And our guy is fitting us in between other jobs because of our delay, so it might be another couple weeks before the next thing happens.

I find it funny that I’m not a patient person but this isn’t driving me nuts. Since we have a front room and a family room, it’s not a hardship to be without it. At least for me. Hubby wants his space back. 🙂

With all that’s going on in the world, I send prayers for all the horrible parts, but try to focus on the happy parts. Like the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which just ended. I may not be British, but I was grinning all weekend as I watched festivities. What an amazing life and accomplishment! And did you all see the spot with the Queen and Paddington Bear? Priceless.

On that smiling note, I’ll leave you for this month. Have a wonderful summer solstice. I hope you get sunny weather at just the right temperature.

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7 responses to “Delays and Jubilees

  1. That room is going to look fantastic. And yes I did see the picture of the Queen having tea with her special guest. I love it.

  2. Thanks for sharing the up and down of a remodel. We will all be celebrating with you when it is completed and decorated!

  3. I loved that Paddington Bear and the Queen skit too. How much fun was that? And good luck on your renovations. Glad the delay isn’t driving you nuts. Hope your plumber is a-ok! Jillian

  4. Yep, hoping to kick things into high gear over the next couple weeks.

  5. Your renovation is really coming along, Laurie, and it’s always easier when you have rooms you can use which are unaffected by the work.
    Yes, the Paddington skit was a favourite of mine. So very sweet.

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