A Month of Celebrations…

It’s been a great month with lots happening in my little corner of paradise 🙂  There have been parties, new cars, cinema trips, a wedding: it’s really good to be venturing out in the big bad world again.

It was lovely to catch up with Kit recently when we were invited, along with other members of our writing group, to celebrate one of our members’ 90th birthday. What a super time we had, too – great conversation, fabulous food, a lovely happy atmosphere – and the birthday girl, Rosemary (the beautiful lady with the silver bob), had a day to remember. She’s amazing and still very much a creative, despite some health and mobility issues. Her energy and enthusiasm has always inspired us and continues to do so. She was very keen for us all to get back to our writerly meetings, or should I say lunches which always stretch way into the early evening 🙂

I had to leave the party early as I had a wedding reception in the evening. My friend’s beautiful daughter, Kelly, looked absolutely stunning when she married Alex, her handsome groom, and of course Max their fur baby was there for the photographs! It was a really happy occasion and everyone had a great time. The couple left next day for their honeymoon in Mexico.

It was also our wedding anniversary this month and we celebrated with lunch and then went to collect AJ’s new car. The showroom staff knew it was our anniversary and placed a huge red bow on the car to acknowledge the day, as well as presenting us with a bottle of champagne and a ceramic feeding bowl for Vivvy, who of course had to vet the new car to make sure she was happy to ride in it 🙂

Speaking of the love of our life… it’s Vivvy’s birthday next week which will be celebrated with lots of pressies, treats, walkies, and many, many cuddles and kisses.

Hope you’re having a great spring!

8 responses to “A Month of Celebrations…

  1. What amazing celebrations you’ve had. The writer group birthday celebration looks lovely and you and Kit look great! And happy anniversary. I love how the car place helped you celebrate. And last, but not least, waving hi to Miss Vivvy! She’s looking amazing. Happy, happy birthday!

  2. Wow a fun busy month love the pictures. Vivvys birthday can’t believe another year. Happy birthday beautiful happy puppy

  3. It was certainly a lovely afternoon, Tricia, and good to finally catch up in the flesh and with Rosemary and Avis. Lovely photo of us two. Pleased you enjoyed the wedding reception as well, a busy day for you. Can’t believe Vivvy’s had another birthday; where has the time gone.

    • It was really strange, Kit. Pre-lockdown I would have taken two social events on the same day in my stride, but I’m obviously out of practice because at the end of that one I was completed exhausted 🙂 Great day though, wasn’t it?

  4. Happy anniversary to you both! AND I love the wedding picture. Max is a cutie. and so excited you and Kit got to hang out. Congrats to your friend on a milestone birthday! Jillian

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