What A Show!

The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy but in a delightful way leading up to my art group’s 26th annual art exhibition. First came the conundrum of deciding which paintings to put in, then the pricing (always a problem). Because of the current economic crisis, one didn’t want to set them too high as people might think twice about a frivolous purchase when they have worries over fuel and food bills. Our exhibitions have always proved popular but the usual concerns as to whether anyone would come let alone buy anything are constantly there. Then came the hassle of obtaining frames and mounts etc, not normally an issue but stores here supplying these, like many outlets, are struggling to obtain stocks or have limited choice. Finally having everything I needed, I set to work preparing my paintings for hanging, only to discover one had a damaged frame, necessitating another trawl of the art suppliers locally.

My 7 paintings duly delivered. I hoped they would be grouped together particularly as 4 of them were on the same topic: water. I wasn’t disappointed. They had a wall all to themselves right by the entrance. I was a happy bunny, which reminds me, I must paint one of those before long; I love bunnies.

Kit’s wall of paintings, and some of our many guests on preview night

The standard of work on display from everyone was exceptionally high, leading to an exhibition that surpassed previous years. From the moment the preview evening’s doors opened the room was packed, and to my complete surprise, one of mine sold within half-an-hour. The purchaser was even more delighted to be introduced to me. A second joy came when another couple sought me out to chat about one of my works they had purchased in late 2021. It is lovely meeting and talking with people who love your work, often more so than the satisfaction that comes from selling one. I was thrilled, and if nothing else of mine sold over the weekend I did not care. There were many smiling faces as we locked up that night because 9 other paintings also sold.

Some of the many works on show

Arriving for my stewarding duty on the Saturday afternoon, I was greeted with news that 2 more of my paintings had sold that morning. Wow! I never expected that. With a total of 22 paintings sold that day, the club was close to breaking last year’s record of 27 sales.

On Sunday, arriving to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea and cake from the refreshment table before the raffle was pulled and the event closed, I didn’t notice at first a fourth painting of mine had gone. Double WOW!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, and successful show for everyone involved, if tiring. I do not have the total figures yet but the club surpassed its record with 40, yes 40! paintings sold, not including those from the mounted tables (7+). A quick calculation put the total at well over £1,500.00 (another record). A percentage of sales plus money from donations, the raffle, admission fees, and the refreshments table will be donated to our chosen charity, this year being the Ukrainian Red Cross. Many members who sold have also donated their full sales to the charity, including myself, as has one member who ran a table in the foyer selling her bespoke, hand-crafted and beautiful individual greeting cards.

What a weekend!

My Sold Paintings

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11 responses to “What A Show!

  1. I’m so happy to hear the show was such a success. I love your paintings, Kit, and you deserve the accolades and purchases. Yay!!!

  2. Wow. What a successful exhibition, not just for you, Kit, but for all. And to raise money for Ukrainian Red Cross too. Bonus. Well done to you and everyone involved.

  3. WoW!! Way to go! Impressive of you as well as all the others exhibiting. 40 sales is wonderful and you got 10% of them! WOO HOO! lovely works as always. Mega congratulations. A very nice weekend indeed. Jillian

  4. So Happy for you and the others. And, what a great donation to the Ukrainian people. Success like this is sweet.

    • Thanks, Lavada. Such a shame you and Laurie are so far away. We’ve since found out, the amount to Ukraine will be even higher as donations still coming in. Here’s to next year’s exhibition. 🙂

  5. How fantastic, Kit! Many congrats to you and to your fellow artists as well. That was an exceptionally successful event, and kudos to you for donating to the Ukranian Red Cross.
    It’s hard to say which painting I love the most, they are all amazing. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your first ‘bunny’ painting too. Knowing you, you will smash it 🙂

  6. Thanks, Tricia. Am still surprised at having sold as many, especially as two of them were last minute additions and painted a while ago. 🙂

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