Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry, as mine did this very day. I had planned to spend it writing: first my post for OTBF, then the remainder of the day working on my novel. The morning started out well until the phone rang. It was my doctor’s surgery calling to rearrange my regular blood check. As here in the UK we are plunged into a booster jab panic I was fully expecting this call informing me the scheduled appointment for this Friday coming, was cancelled. Instead, it was moved to today. This morning. In an hour’s time. Fine. The test had to be done, so be it. As my day was now disrupted, I decided to afterwards drive to a different supermarket, hoping to find a few things needed that our usual shop had been out of stock of for some weeks, and thus write my blog post this afternoon.

Walking swiftly around the supermarket, glasses steaming up because of my mask, I literally bumped into a work colleague I hadn’t seen for what proved to be 25 years! We had a lot to catch up on, so we agreed to go for a coffee in a nearby coffee shop. Coffee turned into lunch, and I didn’t arrive back home until 3.30 this afternoon (you know how it goes!). After sinking a cup of tea made by Dave upon my return, I confess I fell asleep in the armchair. So here I am now, at 7pm writing this in a sprint session. But what to write?

Other than today, it has been a quiet four weeks, with little going on here, no gardening to do, art group closed for the holiday until 7th January. I have managed to complete the painting I had started at the group. It turned out well, I think. Called “L’Etang Bleu”, I hope you like it, it’s the last I shall be painting this year.

“L’Etang Bleu”

Talking of Christmas… for the past 22 years, since my father passed away, my mother has always joined us for a week over the Christmas periods. She’s always enjoyed it with us as we don’t make a fuss for the simple reason neither Mum nor my husband enjoy the festivities and it is always quiet and calm here. This year and in future she will not be coming as although she’s okay and quite independent for 96 years old, she can no longer manage our stairs and we have no downstairs bathroom. Last year was difficult for her, so this year it will be just Dave and I.

As it will be only the two of us, last Friday we agreed we wouldn’t bother getting the tree out of the loft. The next morning a gift arrived for us by post. We had no idea whom it was from as the included card simply said “Love from Santa”. It was a real tree, complete with baubles, decorations and lights. I had an idea it was from our daughter who, a few days later confirmed it was, bless her. A lovely, thoughtful choice. After the holiday, we will pot it up in the garden for next Christmas.

This season, sad to say I have found the Christmas adverts on TV rather poor, most are boring and unimaginative, with the majority repeats from last year. There has been only one we’ve liked, an amusing one from Aldi supermarkets. It’s a play on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Here’s the link.

This weekend, I am driving to Reading to spend a girlie weekend with Mum and my two sisters. These get-togethers are always enjoyable and it will be good to see them. Some of the shopping today was for supplies for this including the wine and cheese.

And because it’s Christmas, we must have a carol. Someone asked me the other day what my favourite one was. My two all-time favourites I’m sure you already know: Silent Night (sung in German) and an old German carol I’ve posted in previous years. There is another one I love, Little Drummer Boy, though I’m not sure whether it is classed a Christmas carol or purely a Christmas song. I do love it and always feel a little blubbery whenever I hear it.

My next post will be in the New Year. Let us all hope 2022 will be so much better than the last two and we can all get back to real normality. Whatever you are doing over the holiday season, enjoy, have fun, and most of all, stay safe.

Merry Christmas from Kit.

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10 responses to “Best Laid Plans

  1. Days when old friends magically appear are rare and I’m so glad you spent time visiting. And bless your daughter. That tree is awesome! As is your painting. Serene, restful… I want to go there. I watched the entire ad and loved it, as with the Little Drummer Boy That is definitely a Christmas song. There’s a version with Bing Crosby and David Bowie that I love!

    • My daughter has a knack of finding something different to surprise us. Have managed to find a few more small decorations for the little tree to trim it further. I love the Crosby/Bowie version of Little Drummer Boy too, was very cleverly made. 🙂

  2. The beautiful painting “L’Etang Bleu” is a good one to end the year with. I have enjoyed all of them this year. Do you name them all?

    Like Laurie I watched the whole banana and enjoyed it.

    • Yes, I always name my paintings, Lavada. It’s easier cataloguing them on the computer that way, plus I remember them by name. L’Etang Bleu is a camping site in the Limousin-Perigord Regional Natural Park, France. I’ve never been there, the painting was from a photograph taken by a friend. It looks lovely there. Aldi have set a big trend in the UK by their adverts featuring Kevin the Carrot. Each year tells a different festive tale based on classic stories. They are good fun. They have even created a soft toy of Kevin the Carrot for children and pets. 🙂

  3. Love the painting, Kit. And what a lovely gift from your daughter, something you can enjoy and then keep for future Christmases to enjoy again.
    Chance meetings are the best when they turn out to be the way yours was with an old friend or colleague. Glad you got the chance to catch up.
    I had to laugh at your comment about your glasses steaming up while wearing a mask. Despite many tips, I’ve never quite mastered the art of the non-steam!

    • Thanks. I’ve given up wearing my glasses when we go shopping. If I can’t read anything, I get Dave to do the reading. Be glad when all this mask stuff is over but feel we may have to wait a while still. x

  4. Hope you and Dave had a nice, quiet holiday season- and your mom being 96- that is so awesome. Especially since she’s still able to do most things- except those pesky stairs! I love the little tree. It’s precious. And what serendipity to run into that friend and enjoy many hours of visiting. What a treasured memory to have of the season. Happy New Year! Jillian

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