December 2021

The older I get the faster the years roll by. It hardly seems possible I am posting my last blog for the year.  And, today is the Winter Solstice. I am always ready for this day because tonight is the longest night of the year, and tomorrow they will get shorter. Yayyyy!

One of the things about this time of year is the classic movies on TV. The other night I happen to tune into the movie The Sound Of Music. I haven’t seen this movie for years. I rarely re-watch classic movies unless I accidently catch one and get interested. That may change as I really enjoyed it.  Jack always watched It’s A Wonderful Life.   Life has changed over the years that’s for sure.  The old movies bring back memories and detail that new movies of that era just don’t capture. 

Getting back to The Sound Of Music, I didn’t realize that books were written about the Von Trapp family and that they immigrated to the United States. Has anyone read one of these books and does anyone have a recommendation? 

I know there are many celebrations this time of year but the wishes and love sent are the same.  So let me wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for our new year of 2022. 

6 responses to “December 2021

  1. I haven’t read any books on the Von Trapp family, so have nothing to recommend. But I love Sound of Music. And a lot of the old movies. And new. I’ve been hugging the Hallmark channel for a couple weeks now. Lol. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Ah, yes on the Hallmark movies. Always happy endings. Though that is one thing about the old classic movies they always had happy endings and they also always ended. I still don’t like ones that leave you hanging.

  3. Haven’t ready any books on the Von Trapp family either, but LOVE the movie. It never gets old for me. Have been enjoying some old and new Christmas and classic movies this year. Last Christmas was one I thoroughly enjoyed and will become a future must-watch for me.
    Hope you had a fab Christmas.

  4. I need to look into “Last Christmas”

  5. Hope you had a great holiday season and got in all those movies. I did know about the Von Trapps moving to USA. Vermont. and they had a resort near one of the ski areas. I haven’t read any books about them though. Happy New Year! Jillian

  6. Late to the party (again), apologies Lavada. Love watching classic movies at any time. And I managed to see “Last Christmas” and not give up after 10 minutes as I did the first time round. Well worth watching (thanks, Faye). Hope your Christmas was good and all is well. x

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