September Miscellany

Jillian here. Sorry I’m a tad late but work has been crazy lately. I don’t have a particular theme to talk about this month. I’m just going to share some random stuff.

Have you ever heard of worm webs? They are wicked looking, for sure. My parents’ neighbor’s pecan tree developed them this year. They don’t hurt the tree but they sure look like they do. It’s basically a colony of caterpillars who feed on the leaves. It can affect the fruit of the tree so my dad plans to cut the ones on his neighbor’s tree.

The cat I rescued from the restaurant in October 2019 is still doing well. She’s so much in love with my husband that she follows him around at the office all day. Whenever he takes a client in to his office, she sits outside the door, depressed, until he comes out.

I recently finished reading a book called Highfire by Eoin Colfer. I enjoyed it as it was super quirky. There was a lot of bad language and some brutal parts, but it was mostly a fun read with an irreverent dragon who loves vodka and Flashdance. All credit to the author for such a brilliant premise.

The best news for the month is a case that has been the bane of my existence finally ended in a surprise settlement. I’d been winning every step of the way, but the other side was ridiculously litigious so I was stunned when they threw in the towel. Grateful, but stunned. Then it took days to pin them down to the written document and I thought it might be a tactic as they’d lied about settling in the past, but we did achieve signatures and it was happy dance time. My client is the perfect client- she always listened to me and always paid her bill. I’ll miss that too, but praise the Lord, it’s over.

Here’s hoping everyone’s September is wonderful. It’s supposed to be 63 degrees Fahrenheit with 67% humidity (usually 90%) here tonight, so I’m pretty excited about that since August and September are two of the hottest months in our area. Happy taste of fall.

6 responses to “September Miscellany

  1. We call those worm webs, tent caterpillars. Yucky things that seem appear every few years. Love the kitty. She’s found a forever home it seems.

    • She definitely found her home here. Too bad she loves my husband more than me when I am the one who saved her.  LOL!   And those worm webs are wicked looking for sure.  Ugh. 

  2. OMGosh, I love that kitten has adopted your husband. What a sweet relationship. And you’ve only got 67% humidity? Dance in the yard while you can! I’m loving this potpourri post. So much to comment on. My husband is harsh on caterpillar tents because they are so harmful to fruit and leaves. And a dragon who likes vodka? ROTFL. Though, that brings the question to mind…how much vodka does it take to get a dragon tipsy? Anyhow, congrats on the legal win and enjoy that weather!!!

    • Thanks.  Guess what?!  The humidity is down to 38% now. I think I have died and gone to heaven!  It’s 88 but feels really lovely without the muggy humidity.  The kitty really is a sweetie, she just adores that man. It’s so funny to see her follow him all around. AND very good question on the dragon. He never seems to be tipsy.  One thing I especially like about the story is how the swamp near Slidell and New Orleans is almost a character itself. The author, who lives in Ireland, really nailed the atmosphere in the swamp.  It was really well done.  I had never seen those webby things before-  creepy for sure. I am glad my Dad is going to cut them off for his neighbor. The limbs hang over his driveway but it isn’t his tree, but he’s a good neighbor.  

  3. Eeeewww! Glad we don’t get those caterpillars over here! Love how your kitty has adopted your husband. So cute. Must read the book about the vodka drinking dragon too. Top marks to the writer coming up with that slant.

    • Those caterpillars look terrible, for sure. I loved that premise for the book- very, very clever. He is from Ireland, but man, he had the swamps of Louisiana down!

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