Fall into September

I hope everyone is doing good. I called this fall into September because I have no idea of where August went.

The Tuhart household is pretty calm right now, or as calm it can be with Tommy and Trina around. The two pups are doing great, running and playing. They have really enjoyed the warm weather.

Last month Tommy and Trina made a visit to the groomers. Tommy needed it. He was looking pretty scruffy, you’ll see from the pictures below. What was funny was when the groomer brought him out I thought they were giving me the wrong dog. Tommy looked like a new little puppy again.

I’m keeping busy as well. Writing is slow, but it’s happening on it’s own timeframe. I’m sure fall will be here soon, our nights have become cooler, and the days not as warm. Plus I’m sure there is rain around the corner.

Here’s Tommy before grooming: Mr. Scruffy boy

After being groomed: New puppy

And here’s the two of them together

Everyone have a great month.

9 responses to “Fall into September

  1. A hair cut can make a new person out of all of us. Like you I’m ready for some rain. I just hope it doesn’t come all at once and bring flooding.

  2. OMGosh what a difference in Tommy. Wow. And the look on Trina’s face is priceless. Sort of a “you get ALL the attention” look, though I know she gets her good share.

  3. What a difference a haircut makes – like many of us after lockdown.Lovely photos, Marie. I do adore seeing those two gorgeous pups.

  4. Great pics of the pups! So cute! And I hope it’s getting closer to fall weather for you all. it’s still pretty warm here, but that is always true for Sept in Florida. Jillian

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