Beaches, Boutiques and Beatles

20171012_145549Earlier this month, hubs and I took ourselves off for a few days to Chester (north of England). AJ had some meetings arranged, so I tagged along and we made a short break of it. Chester is a gorgeous place, very close to the border of Wales. It’s a walled city, founded as a Roman fort in 79AD. You can still walk the city walls and view the amazing medieval buildings, most of which were restored in Victorian times. The main shopping centre has The Rows, said to be unique to Chester. These are continuous galleries reached by steps and forming a second row of shops above those at street level. Pretty little boutiques and charming coffee shops are in abundance here. Some parts of The Rows still boast original 13th century buildings, making Chester a truly fascinating place.

20171012_121617We took the train from Chester into Wales and the seaside town of Rhyl. The weather was lovely, our trip being placed between the two storms which hit the UK this month: Ophelia and Brian. Rhyl has a gorgeous sandy beach and a long promenade, just perfect for dog walking. We really missed Vivvy and kept saying how she would have loved it there with all the other dogs. We did take her back a stick of doggie rock though 🙂

20171013_152317Then it was time for a trip down memory lane and a day visit to Liverpool. I absolutely love this city, it’s vibrant, friendly and steeped in culture. Naturally, the Beatles influence is everywhere, from the musicians who pepper the streets serenading the shopping public, to the restaurants and museums. Of course, we had to do the touristy things, like visiting the Cavern Club and taking that Ferry Across the Mersey. Well, you have to, don’t you?20171013_145537

It was a really lovely trip and we packed a whole lot into a short time. I’m starting to enjoy mini breaks like this one almost as much, and sometimes more than full-blown holidays/vacations. Here’s to the next one…


10 responses to “Beaches, Boutiques and Beatles

  1. I love the mini trips too. And, you live in an amazing place to do them. As I read this post I was envious. My mother-in-law used to laugh at my love of old architecture and encourage it. Yes, here’s to the next one.

  2. First off, you guys look great! What a super little vacation. And Liverpool? I’m jealous. First I’ve seen of the statue of all four Beatles. That’s pretty cool. This really sounds like the perfect getaway before winter sets in and we all go into hibernation mode. I;m glad you got away for some fun.

  3. Great photo, you look so young! I’ve always wanted to visit Chester and Rhyl so maybe next year we’ll make it. Liverpool is great especially the Walker Gallery. Sounds like a fun-packed few days. x

  4. Funny how one never thinks of Chester as being a place to visit. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and love the photo of you and Adrian. So glad you both enjoyed it and I bet Miss Vivvy missed you.

  5. wow. what an amazing mini break. Sounds like you had a grand time. I’m a long time Liverpool football fan so I would have loved getting a look around Liverpool. I love the photos. Everyone looks happy and like they are having fun. Jillian

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