Brief Interlude

October didn’t work out quite as we had anticipated and carefully planned. We hoped for a five day break in Cornwall, one of my favourite parts on Britain.  It was a last minute booking due to work pressures on Peter and timescales on three big projects.  I decided on The Cormorant Hotel in Golant, near Fowey (pronounced Foy), right by the river and named after the main seabird that inhabits the area.  Luxury boutique-style hotel, seems the trend at moment, but small with friendly staff.  We had a river view room with a Juliet balcony overlooking the garden and wonderful coastline leading down to the sea.  

The weather had taken a severe turn for the worst and the south west was landfall for Ophelia but early last week she had not arrived.  The journey down was beautiful crossing moors including Bodmin Moor famous for Jamaica Inn. Interesting small towns along the route offered coffee and lunch. Finding the hotel was like a treasure hunt despite directions but eventually we arrived and settled in for the night.  Pre-dinner drinks offered unexpected entertainment in Anne and Ron from New Zealand.  Anne is an international judge of Airedales and the couple were enjoying a break in her judging schedule.  They had arrived from Baltimore that day and were due in Yorkshire at the end of the week.  We spent an interesting hour listening to hilarious stories of the world of top dog shows including Russia as well as their lives in Australia as breeders and farmers. Time for dinner.

Wonderful menu choices but I opted for local scallops, mixed fish chowder with honey pannacotta for desert, topped off with an excellent bottle of Spanish Rosé. Sorry photo of scallop starter gone wrong!

Next day after a breakfast including lots of local produce we set off of Fowey, home of Daphne Du Maurier.  Peter was feeling a little unwell but we set off as planned towards Mousehole (pronounced Mowzle) where we had booked a small, fisherman’s cottage.  Fowey was well worth another visit as I didn’t make it to the Du Maurier Museum.  The weather turned showery so we made our way to Falmouth for lunch and a wander.  Next was Penzance, Newlyn then Mousehole as there are great artists galleries as well as home of the Newlyn Artists. We had planned a coastal walk to really visit these the following day so went to find our cottage.  It was better than expected, so comfortable and well equipped with a scrumptious hamper of local food and a good bottle of wine.  We planned to light a fire in the hearth following a forage for food from the deli in the village which was highly recommended.  I became more concerned over the next few hours about Peter but we continued as planned.

During the night Peter developed a high fever and finally told me he had difficulty peeing, was in pain and it was getting worse.  He insisted on waiting until morning before trying to see a doctor.  Early in the morning I made the decision to take him to Penzance Hospital.  We arrived at 9am and he was seen at 9.15am.  The staff  were wonderful, Peter has “Men’s Problems” as he insists on referring to his symptoms.  The doctor fitted a catheter and told us to visit our own doctor when we got home, if we were residents there he would have carried out further tests. We left hospital at 12.15 and I knew Peter wanted to go home although he said no.  We packed up and drove home, 6 hours in the storm which had hit with a vengeance.  Our own doctor has referred him urgently to the local hospital but his appointment is not for another week.Then the catheter will be removed, testing will begin, diagnosis then treatment.  I hope by November we will know what lies ahead.

Another added issue has been with our internet, now fixed.  We have had to buy a new television, phones and await the next thing! October has been a challenge!!


11 responses to “Brief Interlude

  1. I’m sorry to hear of Peters health issues. He seems to be a positive man in that he didn’t want to ruin your holiday. Hopefully you can plan another trip when he’s feeling better. And you beat the storm, from what we heard here it was a bad one.

    Bodmin Moor famous for Jamaica Inn and the wonderful Beast book series Tricia is writing. I am really enjoying those books and would love a trip to the moors.

    I know I’ve said this before but Jane you really should consider writing. You could free lance travel articles as you do them so well.

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes. Peter is positive and we will work together as usual to face whatever is ahead. Tricia’s books are great I was with her yesterday and told her so. Thank you too for your encouragement.

  2. First off, I’ll be hoping that things go better for Peter. Wow, what a tough thing to have to deal with, and on vacation! I hope he’s at least feeling better now. Second, it’s rare that I can say this, considering we’re on opposite sides of the pond, but I’ve BEEN to Falmouth! My husband and I were there as part of a cruise. We toured Pendennis Castle and honestly, just loved walking around the grounds more than anything. It was a gorgeous sunny day and it’s so beautiful there.
    I’m glad you got home safe through that storm, too! That was a strange, strange occurrence!

  3. Yeah for Falmouth! Yes he is feeling a little better thank you, back working as I knew he would be but at least is based at home. I’m so pleased you know at least some of Cornwall. The storm was nothing compared with what’s been happening in USA. Friends of ours live in Miami but escaped without harm thank goodness.

  4. I’m so sorry your trip was cut short, Janey. But I’m glad Peter is doing okay. Get him sorted out and you can start planning again.Your hotel sounded lovely, and it’s such a beautiful part of the world. Lovely to see you Monday.

  5. Thanks my lovely. Good luck with “The Challenge”! x

  6. Oh, Jane. I am so sorry to hear of Peter’s problems. Something neither of you need right now. I do hope he’s feeling a lot better now and things sorted out soon. Haven’t been to Falmouth since I was a child. Hopefully you can both return there again soon to enjoy the area without the worry. And yes, I agree with Lavada, you really should take up writing, your posts are always so interesting.

    • Thank you Kit, you have had a mixed year too but support appreciated. On going but fingers crossed. Thanks too for your positive comments.

  7. I hope your husband is better by now. I feel bad that he had such an experience when it was supposed to be a time to share some fun. I’m glad you at least got a bit of the experience before he got ill. Those storms can be awful. Glad you made it safely home. JIllian

    • Thank you Jillian. Still back and fore to hospital but fingers crossed. We love Cornwall and hope to return. Damp and dreary here weather wise so good excuse to read!

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