Sgt Reckless – War Hero

Sgt RecklessI have a hard time with animal stories. I cried most of the way through Marley and Me. And don’t even get me started on Lassie. But Reckless isn’t a sad story, this amazing horse gets through the war with her marines and retires in Ft. Pendleton.

I can’t begin to do justice to her story so here are just a few of the facts.

She was purchased from a young Korean boy for $250 and joined the marines to carry ammunition to the front lines. But she went the extra mile. During the battle for a location called Outpost Vegas, this little mare made 51 trips up and down the hill by herself. No one was leading her. On the way up she carried ammunition, and on the way down she carried wounded soldiers. The video (click here) shows what she went through on these trips.

My sister-in-law sent me this link though after seeing it I found a lot of information is out there. This is one fantastic horse. And, one fantastic veteran. I am so glad she got to come home to America and enjoy a well earned retirement.


13 responses to “Sgt Reckless – War Hero

  1. That is a great story. I have seen a few about dogs, but never a horse.

    • They are fantastic animals, like dogs and cats each with it’s own personality. I thought this story again brought home how special animals are to us. And, by the way I love the picture of your little one.

  2. I love this story, and had never heard it before. Thanks for sharing. Reckless was a true hero.

  3. wow. I agree- would make a superb movie. Love it.

    Funny (well not funny ha-ha but funny odd) story about Marley and Me- When it came out, my friend told me she and her husband were taking their kids to see it on Christmas Day.I begged her not to- I said, “The dog is going to die, don’t do it. I won’t see it as it’s like a modern Old Yeller.” She laughed because she said I hadn’t even seen it and how could I be so sure. Sure enough, they went and they all came out of the theater crying their heads off. And on Christmas. Bummer!

  4. What an amazing horse! I didn’t know this story and really enjoyed watching the video, I hadn’t read Marley and Me and saw it expecting a funny story about a cute puppy. Sad to say I embarrassed myself and even now can’t watch it without bawling my eyes out.

    • I know the feeling Tricia. I think Reckless must be one of the best kept secrets and it’s to bad because it again brings out how very special our animals are and how much they bring to our lives. I still miss Abby and suspect I always will. Rue is trying to do it all but how much can a little kitty do?

  5. Likewise, I hadn’t heard about Reckless either but what a fantastic animal. As to blubbing in films about animals – yup, I’m in there with the rest of you. Pass me a tissue, please. What are we like, eh girls?

  6. I loved this thanks for sharing.

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