May 2023- Kittens, kittens.

Jillian here. Hoping you’re having a great May so far. Mine has not been so hot but we do have cute little kittens here at the office who make me smile. This mother cat has already had one litter before but she hid the babies so we couldn’t socialize them. Before we could get her to get her spayed, she was pregnant again. I had no idea cats could get pregnant quite so frequently.

This time, when we knew she was close to delivery, we put her in the filing room at the office. She had three babies who look exactly like the three she had previously. She at least is faithful to her man, right? 🙂

These babies are four weeks old. The white one talks a lot and wants to explore every thing. It loves to be petted, too. The grey tabby is playful and likes to romp around and the orange one is the most quiet of the three. They are sweet. We can’t keep them but we have enjoyed them for these weeks. Two weeks from now, we hope to have found them nice places to live.

Here are some pics. They are wiggly and hard to capture. Momma is in one of the photos, too. She is also sweet. But she does steal food from some of the other cats we feed here. 🙂


12 responses to “May 2023- Kittens, kittens.

  1. Ahhh, they are so adorable. And what a bright moment in trying times. So happy you’ve had them to cuddle with. Wish I could take one of them.

  2. Awww they are adorable.

  3. Pretty babies. I hope they ease a lot of what you are going through. And, you are so very special to care for them and their momma. It can be a hard world out there without people like you to intervene.

  4. Oh my goodness, they are so very cute!

  5. So cute and adorable. I hope they’re little cuddle bugs.

  6. There is nothing cuter that kittens, but like you,I am a firm believer in getting them spayed and neutered. Yes, those gals can often go from one litter right to the next; I learned that long ago. God bless you caring for them all!

    • I just wis our county still had the low cost spay program for street cats. They do not and it’s like $300.00 to take them to a vet to do it because they have to do the whole work up and shots, etc. It’s a big chunk of money. I can’t do that for them all. I can feed them but even that is expensive as we now have 7 or so that come around- word has gotten out in the cat community.

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