Writing Retreat and Pups

It’s May and I think we’ve finally hit spring here in the Pacific Northwest.

This week I’m at a writing retreat at the ocean. I couldn’t have picked a better week. It’s sunny and mild temps in the mid 60’s. It’s really beautiful.

The other nice thing is the rental allowed dogs, so Tommy and Trina were able to come with me. While I am a bit distracted by them, they are enjoying themselves. This is the first time they’ve been to the beach and ocean. Let’s just say they are not a fan of the ocean, but they are enjoying the beach.

I’m won’t want to leave on Friday, but I’ll need to head home and take care of home life.

Here’s the view from the rental house:

Then this is one I took on the beach:

And here are the pups chilling out:

Enjoy everyday life.


5 responses to “Writing Retreat and Pups

  1. Ahhhh, I’m drawn first to the puppies. They are so adorable. And what an awesome view. I’m glad they got to experience the beach.

  2. These little guys aren’t going to want to leave. They should carry the clean scent of the ocean for a bit helping you take something home with you.

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. awww. sweet that you got to take the pups! Love it. Beautiful place. Jillian

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