Summer is almost over

The year seems to go faster and faster. I can’t believe we’re into August already. Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had some heat waves come though, one of which gave us 90 degrees or higher for a week. The last few have been a day or two above 90.

I know everyone is suffering from these heat waves from the US to Europe. I hope everyone has stayed cool.

Last month was a little busy with writing, releases, a virtual conference and a book signing. The book signing was nice, after being cancelled for 2 years, it finally happened. It turned out really great. I met lots of readers, sold books and gave away a lot of swag.

The dogs spent the weekend of the book signing at the dog hotel and they wore then out (see below). I’m always happy when the dogs have fun.

August is going to be a little quieter for me, I only have one planned outing and that is to see Hamilton. I had tickets to go back in 2020 but of course everything was cancelled. So I finally get to see it in person at the end of the month and I’m so excited.

So here’s the picture of the tired pups after their weekend at the dog hotel:

And this is a picture I captured last week at a stop sign of Mt. Rainier: Not the best but you can see the mountain with all it’s snow.

Everyone have a wonderful month.


10 responses to “Summer is almost over

  1. Keep celebrating your good life! And the dogs are enjoying the ‘dog days of summer’!

  2. Those are some tuckered pups! I’m glad they like being at the puppy hotel.

  3. I think you guys are getting nearly as hot there as I am here in Arizona. Love the puppy pictures.

  4. You sound as hot as we’ve had it here, and like you cannot believe we are in August already. Love the puppies enjoyed their break, and a fab photo of Mt Rainier. That snow looks so inviting. Hope the rest of your month is a good one. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous photo. Love it! And awesome on the book signing. Sounds like it was fun and productive- and the pups got a bit of a vacation. Enjoy Hamilton! Jillian

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