Technology Issues

When technology doesn’t work it can throw us off. That’s what happened to me and why this blog post is late. I’ve been trying since Sunday to log into WordPress so I could do my post. Nothing would happen. I kept getting an error message.

Chatted with Laurie today, she was able to get in so I tried again, no luck. So I changed browsers. After a password change and a different browser, it worked. So here I am.

It’s been very busy in the Tuhart household. Mainly me in my office working and the dogs sleeping. Oh they get their exercise, but when I’m in the office they usually sleep. Today is no exception. Our weather has warmed up for a few days, so I let them out to run while I was chatting with Laurie. When I let them back in they moth collapsed for naps.

4th of July was a bit stressful for me and the pups. They don’t like fireworks at all. On Sunday before the holiday I put Trina in her thundershirt to help her stay calm. Didn’t work at all, she just overheated herself. On Monday, the 4th, I was worried. I have medication from the vet, it worked on Tommy last year, but not Trina.

I live in hope. I gave them both the medication. It worked on Trina this year. While she was alert, she wasn’t shaking or upset. That made me so happy. Tommy wasn’t barking his head off. They both laid next to me most of the evening/night but that’s okay.

Sometimes its hard to get a good picture of the two pups, but I finally got one that I’m sharing below. It was just one of those lucky shots when we were all sitting on the sofa.

I hope everyone has a wonderful July and is enjoying summer.

13 responses to “Technology Issues

  1. I hate fireworks in neighborhoods. My cat stresses too. And the people where I live keep them going for a solid week. Sorry your pups are the same. And yep, technology can def be annoying. Happy July. Jillian

  2. I’m so glad your kiddos got through the fourth pretty well. It’s not fun, having that barrage going off all around. Also very glad you got in to blog. We love our puppy pics. šŸ™‚

  3. Talk about technology. I just tried to send you a comment and it wouldn’t take the password so lost it.

    The kids took their 3 puppies (kids) up camping where they didn’t hear fireworks. The middle one is the only one that has problems but she turns into a basket case. Glad it over for another year and know your guys are too.

  4. Oh, my what a time you have had lately. Wishing you good things today and everyday!

  5. What a beautiful photo, Marie. As to WordPress, I used to love the old version but this new one I cannot get used to and takes me 3 times as long to do anything. Glad you got it sorted in the end. We get frequent fireworks here, from someone’s birthday to any kind of festival and of course Bonfire Night and New Year. Am so glad I don’t have a dog, it must be really stressful for pets and their owners.

  6. Poor Trina and Tommy, fireworks are the worst for dogs. Glad they didn’t seem quite so stressed this time though. Sweet photo!

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