Christmas in July? Well, Sort of….

Jillian here! Hope everyone is having a nice summer. It’s been wild weatherwise here. Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with over 111 heat index every day for a couple of weeks in June, then rainstorms with thunder and lightning all day, every day (dark as night at noon) for the end of June and first six days of July. As I write this, we’re back to more normal temps of around 85-90 and only small afternoon thunderstorms.

All this heat and rain misery made me decide to start reading a book I got at Christmas – It’s called The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries and is a collection of a ton of stories set at the festive season. Lots of favorite writers have set mysteries at Christmas and this book is chock-a-block. From Agatha Christie to Peter Lovesey, to Colin Dexter, Rex Stout, O. Henry, John Mortimer, Ellery Queen, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and some new to me authors that I am digging), I am loving this set of stories. The pages are double-columned so its 640 pages is more like 1,280 pages– enough to keep me entertained for the month, I hope… Except I am almost to page 400 already and it’s only 8 days into the month. LOL

I am liking this collection of tales so much, I ordered The Big Book of Ghost Stories edited by this same gentleman. He has great taste in stories.

Here is the cover and the list of stories sorted into types. Hope you recognize some of your favorite writers, too. – I love the picture from the 1930s, don’t you?


9 responses to “Christmas in July? Well, Sort of….

  1. Ah the joy of finding a good book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Way cool! I don’t read many mysteries and zero ghost stories, but I love this idea of old time short stories. I’m going to have to dig around in genres I read for something like this. And if you’re on page 400, that’s more like page 800, right? Yikes!

    • It would be cool if you could find an anthology of old romances. How fun would that be? And yep, I am sailing along. They are such neat stories and short so it seems like no time and I’ve read three or four. LOL

  3. Oh what fun. Sounds a wonderful read, some brilliant authors there. I expect by now you have read them all. And hope weather is not too hot for you. 🙂

    • It did have some amazing authors in it and yes, I have finished reading.  Such fun!   AND it’s pretty hot but wind and some rain has helped not be too terribly awful.  Hope you’re having a nice summer.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun, Jillian! I’m waiting for the Christmas movies to start on TV 🙂 Some new to me authors on there and I’m definitely checking out the ghost stories book. Stay cool!

    • Awesome.  I loved all these stories.  Not a bad one in the bunch. My copy of the Ghost ones has arrived. Have not had a chance to dig in.  AND I love the Ellery Queen stories.  Such great ones. I had no idea that two writers made up the team of Ellery Queen until I read that in this book in the intro to their story.  Wild that I had never heard that.  

  5. Oh, and I used to love the Ellery Queen whodunnits 🙂

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