Sewing Memories

So, with spring in the air and the clocks going forward an hour here in the UK, we decided to start clearing/decluttering our home from the top down.

The attic was first on the list. It didn’t take long as we tend to shove everything we don’t need into the garage keeping the loft relatively free, but there were several discoveries. Mostly it was old suitcases of holiday clothes (a bikini, size 12 if you please! – was that really once mine?) and equipment like snorkels, waterproof footwear for pebbly beaches, old beach mats and towels, and broken tennis and squash rackets.

The best discovery was a small case containing a real blast from the past. Loads of dressmaking patterns! I was once a very keen sewer and loved making my own clothes. I loved choosing a pattern, then the fabric, matching the thread precisely to the material – often, if I liked the style, I’d make the outfit in different fabrics. I couldn’t get enough of dressmaking back in the day and got a real buzz from it.

Pre-marriage we were keen ballroom dancers and went every week for classes (AJ loves to remind me that he once was given an award for student with the fanciest footwork!) Every Saturday we attended the dance school’s social where we could practice what we’d learned that week as well as learn a new group dance. Heck, it was fun! During the week, I’d often make a new dress specifically to wear to the Saturday dance. Yes, I was a make-a-dress-in-a-week girl. If only I could say the same about my life as a writer – imagine being a create-a-book-in a-week author!

I even found some fabric in that case in the loft so maybe one of these days I’ll turn my hand to dressmaking again – maybe a simple strappy summer shift dress? Oh, if you look closely at the bottom of the photo you’ll see the pattern I used for my wedding dress. I can only dream of the size pattern I used for it back then *sigh*

7 responses to “Sewing Memories

  1. I love, love, love this blog. I remember those patterns and getting rid of them and fabric when we moved from the home we raised the kids in. That’s one of the things that moving accomplishes, reducing clutter.

    I so need to make a plan to get this place back in shape. Hopefully your blog will help motivate me. Though since I’ve only been in this place 9 years I won’t have the fun stuff to go through like you do.

  2. LOVE this post. Funny, I zeroed right in on that wedding dress pattern. The bell sleeves and high waistline were very much like my first wedding dress.
    Gosh, I wish I could add a picture of it to my comment here. We’ve started cleaning out cubbies here, too. This weekend, it was the medicine cabinet. How do those pill bottles get so old so fast? And we have no more kitty litter to mix the pills up in, so coffee grounds it is. 🙂

  3. What’s this about coffee grounds, Laurie?

  4. What a wonderful treasure trove. I love that you were such a prolific sewing girl! What fun to be able to create what you want in the fabric of your choice. And your wedding gown pattern is gorgeous. Jillian

  5. Oh my, your post rang so many bells with me. I used to make all my own clothes and my daughter’s when she was little. Admire you for making your own wedding dress; do you still have it? Have been tempted to make myself a kaftan or two as I cannot find the sort I want in the shops. Or do you take orders? 🙂 I loved ballroom dancing too in my younger days, the only thing I’ve ever received medals for. Great post, Tricia. Thank you.

  6. Cheers to those days of creating a garment from a pattern! Loved spending hours paging through pattern books to discover the next great pattern to purchase!

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