Smart Phones

Kids amaze me and how they handle technology is no exception. Last week my daughter was out with her grand-daughter and daughter. When Kris got out of the car, she inadvertently left her phone with Kennedy who is four.  Before they knew it Kennedy had sent her mother a text message from her grandmother’s phone. Below is a copy of the message complete with a selfie.  

Kennedy doesn’t read or write but she thinks she can. Take a look at the message that she sent with the picture. 

Kris asked her how she had figured out how to send a picture and message. Kennedy said, “I’m smart.” 

I have trouble with smart phones and know I don’t use mine to its capacity. In Decembers AARP paper they had an article with this statement “Smartphones are like the Swiss Army knives of technology.” They listed 15 extra uses for our smartphones. Hopefully some of the uses listed will help us catch up with our kids. 

 1. Weather reporter. There are a number of Apps you can download for free. I have a couple and use them a lot especially when traveling. 

 2. Video Camera. I don’t have an app for this and haven’t used it but another article I read (can’t remember where now) said they put the phone in the window at night for a security camera. 

3. Radio. I don’t have an app for this either but the article said they are available. 

4. Document Scanner. This is what the article said for the iphone. “Open the Notes app. Tap the icon in the bottom-right corner. Tap the camera icon. Place the document you want to scan in the camera’s view. If your devise is in auto-mode, your document will automatically scan. OH MY GOSH just tried it and it works. 

5. Kitchen timer. I doubt I would use this as I use the one on the stove. But … Open Clock app, tap timer. From the clock app you can also set an alarm (I use this), and stopwatch. 

6. Flashlight. I think most of use this. 

7. Library – Hoopla, Libby and OverDrive are three popular free apps that allow you to borrow ebooks with your library card. (I think I’m going to look into this one.)

8. Voice Recorder – Open the voice memo app. Tap the red record button to start and stop. 

9. Emergency Broadcasts the article said these are turned on automatically when you get your device. 

10. Tape Measure – I haven’t tried this.  For the iphone. Open the Measure app. Tap the Measure icon at the bottom. Point your phone camera at the object you want to measure, lining up a circle dot on your screen with the starting point. Tap the + (plus) button. Move your phone to the end of the measurement and tap the + again. The app includes a level function. 

11. Calculator 

12. Restroom Finder – Really? You may be able to find the nearest public restroom through a third-party app, such as Flush, Bathroom Scout, or Sit and Squat.  These names 🙂

13. Magnifying Glass – forgot your reading glasses?   

14. Pedometer built into your phones Health app

15. Navigation App. We’ve used this one even though we have a navigation in the car. 


6 responses to “Smart Phones

  1. It’s amazing what phones have these days. I also have my electric utility app on my phone so I can reach out during outtages and know what’s going on. And hubby and I can geocache with an app on our phone now. Plus, as you mentioned, reading books is awesome on the phone.

  2. Can you imagine what the next generation will bring?

  3. Wow! There were a number there I had no idea about- like the measuring, the nearest bathroom, and scanner. I have clients who have sent me scanned things from their phones but I didn’t know how to do it. AND YES! your granddaughter is very smart- what a cutie!! Jillian

  4. Thanks Jillian, we love her to bits. She keeps me laughing with her upfront personality. I was surprised about the list too. I figure it won’t be long before I’m asking my great grand kids for help with tech. Right now. it’s still the kids and grandkids. How did I get so old?????

  5. Getting more like Star Trek every day with what our gadgets and gismos can do. I’m still working out all that mine does, only recently found out how the video works and can at least get Spotify now. If I get stuck, I’ll give Kennedy a call, am sure she’ll know what to do. Scary, isn’t it how much the kids nowadays know about technology? :))

  6. Hi Kit, she has an iPad that her mommy monitors the time she gets on it. She’d be on it 24/7 if they let her. I was a late bloomer with cell phones and the smart phones but now I try never to leave home without it.

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